( ok no more caps ) alot of lovely guitar work and instantly catchy

100% pure bliss pop   a little bit Wild Beasts as well with the falsetto / wavery voice


maybe a bit jorge socarras ? that rich voice is giving me chills


best thing ive heard in ages !!! they should be supported depeche mode in a just world !

go buy here 


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WEIRD OWL   is here again ( been meaning to blog him for a while as we sometimes chat back and forth on twitter   about esoteric stuff , crowley and witchy stuff paganism cos dont you know bruvva we is all connected and john barley corn expects a decent sacrement for the corn !!


anyway he is a talented musicician who makes dramatic acid soaked vision enhancing waves music as in It pulsates mercurial waves that soothe the cranium and question how do we connect to the earth in these pathetic money obsessed spirutaly VOID TIMES


this is my personal current fave




And this I want to remix ….alot , lots of different versions


maybe even cover with sentics doing his jonathan richmond type vocals





I compell you to listen to WEIRD OWL and follow the links and entrails and veins  to the other god heads BJM

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is it possible to get a more thick inky blackness than Sumatran Black ?

His dark Ambient music is truly a thing of rare beauty , I never even knew it was an old friend from my home town making it as he is a happy go lucky guy

I never knew he had such a dark side to him !! anyway enough guff from me check him out

living in Istanbul he makes creepy downtuned smothering waves of sound that are perfect for the living and the dead I realy really hope we can make music together !!

go buy this album

he turned me onto Gas and for that I will be forever grateful

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March 14, 2017 · 8:08 pm


bit  late to blog this but in an effort to get back into life and celebrating music I will note that the ever excellent casper / volte Face / electro survivor has put out out lots of good music on his own BleeD label and the finest one out of many fine ones for me is EP2 and track ,  Rote 3 is the great ‘running through the forrest but not necessarily scared’ track

Im getting Bandulu   Neu /Rother  and Gas  feelings from the very metalic but warm sounding techno and ambient available here

hail the ghost child

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havent posted in over a year …new music Fox Shadows …big beaty Tape Of Love remix


no blogging in over a year … so I will post my own music

been busy learning ableton and getting the right plug ins and watching terrible youtube instruction videos 😉 tooo busy to fanny around blogging but I will be blogging again some fave artists mates , cos its all mates at the end of the day, making music to me is also making mates and sharing their music


this is a remix for austrian dream pop / electronic group Fox Shadows 

they are a group comprised of three and make nice floaty electronic stuff and work with guest vocalists, nice hypnotic stuff , I turned in a big beat remix as I love the sabres   and the chems 




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its not all dance bang bang boom boom here a Campari Safari , its a snarling gruff growl of garage wind blowing through this here musty barn too , and what better way for all hallows eve  weekend to blast out the old wizened crones  than have ThL legendary Sonics breeze through dusty Vienna . They will play tommorow night at the Arena ( 1 /11/15 ) and they are in good shape and with a trunk load of epic discs this is your best chance of exorcism

hit after hit

i prefer stryhcnine over gruner velt

hey hey hey hey

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Starting from may 8th there will be a place where you can hear amazing  music of an evening by the canal , not the usual after work melange of deep house / coffee table chill out pap 

singles and album tracks from Pink Floyd , Can , Neu , Beatles , Stones, Miles Davis ,Donna Summer ,Ariel Pink,  Talk Talk , Peter Tosh , Kate Bush , Echo & The Bunnymen, Tricky    and many more classic artists and outdoor music 

Central Gardens on the donau kanal , drinks and food available and music that you rarely hear from djs 

a non profit organisation run for the purpose of enriching the urban environment central gardens offers music , a place to relax , sports and culture

soft pysche eve central gardens

medium_centralgarden_spielfeld nacht01 garden

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