its not all dance bang bang boom boom here a Campari Safari , its a snarling gruff growl of garage wind blowing through this here musty barn too , and what better way for all hallows eve  weekend to blast out the old wizened crones  than have ThL legendary Sonics breeze through dusty Vienna . They will play tommorow night at the Arena ( 1 /11/15 ) and they are in good shape and with a trunk load of epic discs this is your best chance of exorcism

hit after hit

i prefer stryhcnine over gruner velt

hey hey hey hey

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RIGOUR MORTIS / Boys Beach / KJF Muzik , the mystery musical sexy fledermaus of Vienna

I aint gonna lie ,  shes my mate , feel so weird looking at this vid , its 8 bit weirdo pop and the sound mix , diy artiness might annoy but take this into consideration , you’re going to see a lot of bad video art in your life so when something is made with joy and fun then it becomes more than your average pop promo , this is art,  word   check out her stuff she has many aliases many projects , she is a fierce tigress , diy musicicians fete her , she is unknowable she is all woman , buy her music and enter the kingdom

a quick interview with this mad genius

Me : Hey lady why are so mysterious ?

 iam amateure dangerouse
i like zat

Me ; Why do you hide from the limelight ?

i hide from zee limelight like a vampire from zee cross
but still i like to get a little close to it but just little close just to hide again, haha
like a bat on zee prowl
Chat conversation end
Wow there you have it , a mad sexy vampire , blood claats watch out , research this artiste
this  is the only known major mainstream press article i can find on her spex article
she has many aliases as I mentioned , all of them home recoreded , you might be able to see her in vienna at a rare live show in RHIZ or Fluc

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Starting from may 8th there will be a place where you can hear amazing  music of an evening by the canal , not the usual after work melange of deep house / coffee table chill out pap 

singles and album tracks from Pink Floyd , Can , Neu , Beatles , Stones, Miles Davis ,Donna Summer ,Ariel Pink,  Talk Talk , Peter Tosh , Kate Bush , Echo & The Bunnymen, Tricky    and many more classic artists and outdoor music 

Central Gardens on the donau kanal , drinks and food available and music that you rarely hear from djs 

a non profit organisation run for the purpose of enriching the urban environment central gardens offers music , a place to relax , sports and culture

soft pysche eve central gardens

medium_centralgarden_spielfeld nacht01 garden

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Review | Chick Quest – Vs. Galore


Review | Chick Quest – Vs. Galore.

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Foglands EP BY Cuticula

Cuticula comes from Vienna, he makes eerie ambient electronic music and this is his first EP

Lead track is an eerie drum work out with a cold ambience , utilising trap style snappy drums that falter and stall and an echoey baseline, this roils and boils to make an unnerving instrumental piece

Second track struck is a more upbeat affair with rushy synths combined with trap beats.
Yellow ups the ante again with drum rolls and electro bass combined with some old skool newsreel samples
Stumble, the closer is the winning track for me, some melancholic chords introduce this soft ambient piece with paper thin phased out loloping drums and the track evolves with abrupt changes , you can definitely see the impression Warp artists have left on Cuticula.The ecstatic piano at the end leaves a lasting impression and ends on a very positive feeling. Some great ideas on this first EP from Cuticula and hope he stays in the vein of Aphex , B O C and Autechre.

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Will Self. Shark & Nick , John Rogers

Trying to read Shark by one of my favorites since university days,slightly demonic looking  enjoyably pompous but always witty Will Self. Whatever you may think of him after all his incessant punditry and sometimes overbearing wordiness,  unquestionably, he writes a good tale , Apes , ghosts , flys , junkies, loonies and now Sharks and words that seem to swim and dart around like the much misunderstood beasts. I’ve come at this book at a strange angle not having read Umbrella so im getting used to the roiling and broiling pot of mental flotsam spewing forth . I thought i was used to his style but I’m only  about one third through and its an effort , like all his books ,  so far well worth it , but undeniably hardgoing former cainers usually do pyschotic turmoil quite well but I wouldnt recommend this series as a first go, try Great Apes or any other Zack Busner books … This one is doing me nut right in frankly and Ive taken to blog in the world wide wank pit to utter a cry for help.. Is anyone else finding it HARD GOING !!???

I thought I’d written about his mate Nick Papadimitriou but I think I wrote loads then deleted it for some reason , but if you havnt watched or read about him go and look him up and his mutual friend and film maker John Rogers , theres nearly ten years of youtube films both professional and hand held of them traipsing around london in deep topography , flaneuring or pyschogeographicaly mapping outlands and areas of London , Scarp Nick’s book , This Other London John Rogers’ book & of course Ian Sinclair the cataloger of hackney well worth investigating , I still tell people about longpig of Riddley Road market which you could get in the late 90s , go read Lights Out For The Territory … Ahh the the pull of London , on every corner you can feel the ghosts oozing around , why cant I feel that here in Vienna ? Like midge it means nothing to me

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Listen: Zarkoff – The Big Ripoff

zarkoff – the mysterious traveller from croatia and member of summerian fleet and various other projects has issued a new scribe , also a summer report on his goings on and musings on modern life is immenient through the



Exquisite but ominous electro and techno are out in favor for a more classic 1990’s rave and techno sound. Mute the melodies and come into your groove with a harsh acid baseline that will make you go bananas. This is exactly what Zarkoff has done when he for a moment strayed away from his original sound and decided to go full-on tribalistic rave and classic techno in “The Big Ripoff“. The spirit of the track is not tainted by what he himself thinks is a huge rip-off, because even though a lot of people are going to reminiscence about the good old days – his craftsmanship shines through yet again – so don’t be so harsh on yourself. It’s a perfectly unplanned gesture that shields us when we’re heading into the colder months of the year – the warmth of his track is what keeps you grooving.


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