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bit  late to blog this but in an effort to get back into life and celebrating music I will note that the ever excellent casper / volte Face / electro survivor has put out out lots of good music on his own BleeD label and the finest one out of many fine ones for me is EP2 and track ,  Rote 3 is the great ‘running through the forrest but not necessarily scared’ track

Im getting Bandulu   Neu /Rother  and Gas  feelings from the very metalic but warm sounding techno and ambient available here

hail the ghost child


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Will Self. Shark & Nick , John Rogers

Trying to read Shark by one of my favorites since university days,slightly demonic looking  enjoyably pompous but always witty Will Self. Whatever you may think of him after all his incessant punditry and sometimes overbearing wordiness,  unquestionably, he writes a good tale , Apes , ghosts , flys , junkies, loonies and now Sharks and words that seem to swim and dart around like the much misunderstood beasts. I’ve come at this book at a strange angle not having read Umbrella so im getting used to the roiling and broiling pot of mental flotsam spewing forth . I thought i was used to his style but I’m only  about one third through and its an effort , like all his books ,  so far well worth it , but undeniably hardgoing former cainers usually do pyschotic turmoil quite well but I wouldnt recommend this series as a first go, try Great Apes or any other Zack Busner books … This one is doing me nut right in frankly and Ive taken to blog in the world wide wank pit to utter a cry for help.. Is anyone else finding it HARD GOING !!???

I thought I’d written about his mate Nick Papadimitriou but I think I wrote loads then deleted it for some reason , but if you havnt watched or read about him go and look him up and his mutual friend and film maker John Rogers , theres nearly ten years of youtube films both professional and hand held of them traipsing around london in deep topography , flaneuring or pyschogeographicaly mapping outlands and areas of London , Scarp Nick’s book , This Other London John Rogers’ book & of course Ian Sinclair the cataloger of hackney well worth investigating , I still tell people about longpig of Riddley Road market which you could get in the late 90s , go read Lights Out For The Territory … Ahh the the pull of London , on every corner you can feel the ghosts oozing around , why cant I feel that here in Vienna ? Like midge it means nothing to me

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OH! SIGNORI E SIGNORE! Announcing Another Island …. A hot and steamy place of refuge hidden away from the crowded and whistling streets! Space lovers, disco hounds and the curious will be well rewarded for their patronage – we will be bringing the best Italian disco music producers old, new and eclectic to an exciting dancefloor equipped with a powerful and warm system near Bethnal Green in the real East End.The Sebright Arms

Our first guest for this inaugural party is DJ Rocca (Luca Roccatagliati), one half of the super producers Ajello with Fabrizio Tavernelli. With his roots in acid jazz, Luca established himself as resident at the influential leftfield Maffia Club playing alongside Coldcut, Leftfield, and James Lavelle. More recently, his edits and remixes for Luke Solomon, Rodion, Isolee, Pete Herbert and In Flagranti have been tearing up bassbins all over Europe. His latest release sees Ajello collaborating with Hard Ton and Brennan Green on the disco bruiser “Chocolate Black Leather.” on their own collaboration label with Hell Yeah Danny Was A Drag King

Rocca has recently joined forces with nu disco legend Dimitri From Paris for their new retro electro disco act Erodiscotique, with a huge release on Gomma records,

inclusions in the Playboy Mansion compilation released by Defected records and mixed by DFP and Bob Sinclair Another collaboration with a seminal DJ is on the way – Dj Rocca and lord of cosmic disco Daniele Baldelli have signed for an album on UK label Nang, with a 12” already released called “Space Scribble”

Rocca’s DJ set can include anything from New-Wave, Italo-Disco, Chicago House, Disco, Neurofunk, & Eurodance and Cosmic – this one is going to be special! Forza!

we have asked Rocca to play as broad a set as he likes and to take us on a journey through his collection and take us away to ….Another Island

Able support comes from fellow Italian & boss of Italo italians label and blog Fab May Day – scheduled releases include Drop Out Orchestra Tom Trago and of course Ajello themselves and Fabs own tracks and infectious edits of italo and afro/cosmic tracks and pop oddities …. and those Campari Safari DJs and promoters Rob and Sammy who have found the time to cross over from Vienna ( recent eclectic gigs and club nights inc Gang of Four Andrew Weatherall ( with Fab) , Horse Meat Disco , Joe Goddard , Becoming Real, Twin Shadow D/R/U/G/S & Is Tropical to name a few …)

New Fab May Day Here

Another Island is a bi monthly event expect Italian Flavoured Dance music and soon pysche rock/kraut rock/mutant disco/noise bands of all stripes! last sat next date 28th Jan

31-35 Coate Street, E2 9AG Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green Tube

Date: Saturday 26th November 21.00 – 02.00

Admission : Free Before 10 w/flyer ; £5 W/ Flyer ; £5 on the list

SEND GUESTLIST REQUESTS TO rob@xk8organisation.com

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The Awe Kids This just got sent to me from Ed Wilder Resident at One Party State @ Barfly and Club NME

I fucking love this band so much already – is it the Frenchophile production ? (shades of Alan Braxe, Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon and other Roule Records heroes)

Or is it the way lead singer Elspeth Rose ( Best name for a chanteuse ever) pines and lulls you into a honeycombed pop opium den of delight singing about the classic theme of ennui and love lost on the streets of London.

Go see them at The Enterprise for ace promoters Bloody Awful Poetry this Friday 15th Jan 2010 scroll down on the myspace page and buy a ticket from the out and about section

Also fingers crossed they will play the Barfly on the 6th Feb with Hoodlums

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Rarely will I post bands that look so glossy or finished and ready for the big time basically those that have the POP coursing through their veins . I’m more interested in the slightly fraggley , noisy and unprofessional or bands that have definitely done an E and thrown shapes to records on Noom , Basic Channel or Nuphonic and other classic 90s dance labels ( ooh straying into an obsessive streak here that’s for another post !)

Though for Black Soul Strangers I want to make an exception. They played Campari Safari @ The Barfly back in July 09 and blew the other bands away. Both in sound and look basically they were ready to get big and damage some hearts . Influenced by Joy Division, Interpol and Death Cab For Cutie and a touch of German prog in their jarring synths and spiraling moogs. If you liked the XX but missed some crunchy guitars and impassioned lyrics then this could be the band for you with the chiming guitars and sometimes sparse but brilliant productions courtesy of Producer Tom McFall ( Bloc Party and R.E.M amongst others).

They may draw comparisons to White Lies but whereas those West London tykes probably never wanted for nothing as wee babers and musically and lyrically lay it on a little too thick for my liking -I just think that White Lies sound false, overwrought and a bit too poshanyway I digress Black Soul Strangers had it proper tough growing up in a part of Dublin that the tourist guides don’t mention and the hurt in Barry’s voice sounds genuine as opposed to White Lies faux anguish

‘Most of these songs were written whilst growing up in a run-down area of west Dublin, where I watched the people I grew up with, fade away into drugs or alcohol. It was during this time that my father suddenly passed away.
This was when the idea of slowly crafting songs went out the window, and everything just poured out of me.’
(Barry Gorey on ‘The Haunting’)

here you can get The Haunting
you should go buy their last single Lies on Squeek Records which is available here

The band will be playing Campari Safari @ Barfly sometime in Feb or March details to be pinned down but book them or feature them thru bssmanagement@hotmail.com

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