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bit  late to blog this but in an effort to get back into life and celebrating music I will note that the ever excellent casper / volte Face / electro survivor has put out out lots of good music on his own BleeD label and the finest one out of many fine ones for me is EP2 and track ,  Rote 3 is the great ‘running through the forrest but not necessarily scared’ track

Im getting Bandulu   Neu /Rother  and Gas  feelings from the very metalic but warm sounding techno and ambient available here

hail the ghost child


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Clash Music Uk Special

David James Broughton – Brainlove star
original posted here

A UK special this one and in the words of one Mark E Smith it’s time to leave the capital! …well not just yet but it must be said its over-rated, expensive and there’s no need to paraphrase Marc Riley (more Fall references for you).

Here’s the ever excellent Brainlove Records from that infernal London. Let’s have a lookie at some of their great artists: Brainlove is pretty much a one man army with John Brainlove running the label, managing artists, promoting and DJing and writing articles, when does he sleep?

Three things on BRNLV really caught my ear — a beautiful track from the Bleeding Heart Narrative EP (listen to the cello come in about half way through — incredible).

Ghost Cats Disappear Into the Night by brainlove

And a fantastic piece of looping drone-pop from Bastardgeist – listen to that lovely lolling bass and tell me that isn’t sublime — if you liked twin shadow and their soft melancholic electronic pop you’ll love this…

Bastardgeist – Shift by brainlove

Now for some really odd mad staring eyed folk pop marked by a distinctive low growly Yorkshire burr – David Thomas Broughton. His is a life affirming coo of a voice but not in a grating too fey listen how be-cardiganed and loomy I can be way – I’m hooting and howling over this. It’s way too good to stay in the margins of freak folk — he’s obviously got a sense of humour about himself and it’s a very charming thing he’s made — get to know this mad bastard now!

David Thomas Broughton – Ain’t Got No Sole

Now as promised we are out of LDN and over to the west country to visit some mad West Country bastards — argh! ketamine for breakfast drinking cider out of a dead rooks beak and all that. There’s plenty more to the West Country than free parties and hydroponic cultivation but all that adds up to a heady range of influences which feed into the strange discordant teeth rattling NOISEs coming out of the Hacker Farm.

They first caught my attention when they sent me a mail with just the header HACKER FARM, nervously I opened the email expecting twenty million types of diseases to creep through my computer what I found was a link to their crazed music made in deepest darkest Somerset — specifically the cultural hot bed of Yeovil! (The local football team have a hard as nails casual firm you have been warned Hereford!) Working out of an old dis-used farm the hackers create eerie looping discordant ambient noise shying away from any hype they slowly release their electronic apple saft into the world. And their juice is good!

Already sipping from their appley cup is a hero of mine: Simon Reynolds picked their album as a top release from 2011. Hacker Farm, Pound-land in their own words it’s “A celebration of the home-made, the salvaged and the hand-soldered. DIY electronics performed on obsolete tech and discarded, post-consumerist debris. Make-do and mend. Broken music for a Broken Britain.”

Very west politic very good go buy Poundland direct from the grower:

Here they are freaking out the very excellent Vortex club in the Turkish community / fixie riding handle bar mustache drop out paradise of Dalston (that London again) bringing the spirits of the cow shed to the urban miasma:

….now short pop over the River Severn to Cardiff home to Counter Cultural Heroes Super Furry Animals and a whole host of ambient / noise freaks. One such freak is Justin Toland who records under various names such as Location Baked. and most recently Stuttgarter Strasse

A Deutsche electronische themed tribute to South Wales in his own words: “Stuttgarter Strasse…Road to the future”..

Part homage to a certain legendary German synth quartet, part history lesson at the Isaac Asimov School for Young Robots, Stuttgarter Strasse is the sound of teknologische musik in an era of progress and a spirit of European friendship. “Ansichtskarten aus Wales (“Postcards from Wales”), a 4-track EP based on an imaginary road trip through South Wales by the aforementioned German synth pioneers will be available to download for your listening pleasure in November 2011, with a vinyl release planned for 2012.”

Keep an ear out for this youngster – interesting art and music concepts are bound to flow from his digital hive over the coming years…

Words by Rob Jessup

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I didn’t really take this seriously when I saw it on pinglewood a while ago there was a photo with your man from Twin Shadow, a rather elaborate hair do and a yellow balloon and some wag had written that he looked like Richard Ayoade from the IT crowd the channel 4 comedy series and music video director- it all smelt a bit like a Chris Morris prank so I didn’t give it a listen – now I wish that id caught onto his music sooner as the music is heart wrenchingly beautiful and he seems like a charming man with pop star qualities – rare to find that these days in this slag heap of under nourished vitamin e lacking synth bashing wastrels – i read somewhere that he’s compared to a black Morrissey – that’s a bit cheap and throwaway – comparisons like that are just lazy – how about a more uptempo Leaonard Cohen !? ! the lyrics and delivery are spot on – ok that’s enough tittle tattle go buy the album from rough trade its got grizzly bear man chris taylor at the controls and together they have made a superbly blissful melancholy album Do You Like Talk Talk ? you’ll love this the slow vid is a parody of those 80s CK ads and the second one is from where I don’t know – it fits perfectly – triumphant youth walking around looking cool on the corners blazing a ree and scaring grannies on the streets – its my fave past time except im a bit old for that now and the paunch isnt a great look…. waffle waffle enough about my mispent youth in tough as nails Bournemouth…. watch and learn and buy !

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Black Shampoo in B72 EP Launch 4th nov Wien

Black Shampoo – Great Tense Snarley Garage Blues Rock from these young punks nice to hear something unpolished and still raw definitely been cribbing notes (band titles not the best but you cant be too subtle these days ) from those Black Keys and Black Lips, Tom waits and maybe a bit of Jawbone

Give them a bit more time and they ‘ll be smashing it

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void music – Geneva Jacuzzi –

Im completely madly totally in love with this – Geneva Jacuzzi – the art is spot on, the sounds evoke all my favorite memories of Wet British weekends just after christmas watching something like POB
Here’s POB – poor kids these days with no POB !

or the much maligned but completely genius Terrahawks chomping on a kit kat/twix/breakaway or other biscuit chocolate meld ..its shamelessly retro – off key naive sounds – the sound of a future that never arrived with hover boards and automaton housing units by 2005… wheres my hover board!

track Group DYNAMIC is like a little bit of tom tom club with aux 88 or The Egyptian Lover … smelted down in some mystic forgery …in a yurt in the Gobi desert tripping on 2 drops with Lynch in control of the flux capacitor speaking of which…. christ what a load of drivel ive written !

buy something of her site or go see her shows in Europe im hoping she does a show in Vienna or im going to have to cough up the cash myself and book her in … trouble is some god damned idjut fucked my last invoice .. GRRR so its only schnitzel once a week for me … Fritzl schnitzel in the celler …ooof sorry must edit this!

Anyballz…. i have a massive fan boy crush on everything she does and I hope you will spend your pennies on some great art ( and it is art much more exciting than any old 4 hour shit you’ll see in some gallery like bill viola or bruce nauman) and go see her showwzzzz – is it Ariel Pink or is Geneva Jacuzzi Ariel Pink ?who gives a rat fuck!!!! they are both brilliant

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