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( ok no more caps ) alot of lovely guitar work and instantly catchy

100% pure bliss pop   a little bit Wild Beasts as well with the falsetto / wavery voice


maybe a bit jorge socarras ? that rich voice is giving me chills


best thing ive heard in ages !!! they should be supported depeche mode in a just world !

go buy here 


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A Love From Outer Space – Andrew Weatherall + Sean Johnston The Drop 17/02 + Haules Baules: The Eastern Connection

heeeeey rat fans ( Roland Rat might be coming back soon for a feature film so I hear from my connections in the world of cinema ) so the raybans and stone wash combo is still going to be big look this year for all you waifs and strays but i didnt come to talk of the cloth or talking rats in films nooooo sir clay davis !

I was a lucky shit this weekend just gone as I went to Perugia in Italy to warm up for Mr Andrew Weatherall with Sammy d ( massive thanks to Fab May Day + Stefano Tucci the gracious host and genius behind Friday Im In Rock and Remixer Of Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!) and amazing dj ( new order to italo classics xx dubs and edits

Mr Weatherall along with top disconaught Sean Johnston (Hardway Brothers ) will be hosting another of their A Love From Outer Space parties at the Drop on Thursday 17/2 – head along if you like music – and what music! – the weird and wonderful will be played all within a lower tempo – artwork is by Mr Weatherall who is a dab hand at printmaking – is there nothing he cant do ? A real renaissance man. ***!!!EDIT!*** Sean Johnston has just corrected me that Andrew art directed but credit has to be given to Logan Fisher of Haules Baules fame for the excellent typography – I must post about Haules Baules NOW as his mixes and trax are right up my and (hopefully ) your strasse – with tracks in his mixes from Tom Trago , The Revenge , Mike Burns ( a vienna disco maker – another producer to post ) Morgan Geist and his own releases with lovely hand made screen printed sleeves Argo and new track to be released Hit Me Slowly – based in Bucharest Romania hes doing what look like great parties with people like Kink , Rodion and the aforementioned Sean Johnston – party over here, party over there – Come East Disco Soldiers. go to his blog there is a wealth of mixes tracks and beautiful clean artwork –

here be a portal to his mixes

some sartorial notes on the man as if you have taken any interest in music from the acid house warrior ( bocca juniors , primal scream, sabres of paradise two lone swordsmen , fuck buttons and under his own moniker ) you’ll already know hes a genius and a snappy dresser

he wore a rather fetching blue chunky knit sweater, turned up heavy selvedge denim vintage levis – a smock type prison inmate shirt – and has been keeping the moustache and beard in excellent condition – amazing sinister tats he puts younger Ras Claart DJs to shame ( those with innumerable shoddy merchandise , clothing lines,baseball caps and other bits of tat ) – stylish , knowledgeable, erudite, charming and engaging – my hero basically … go and buy all his works here !
they say you should never meet your heroes but sometimes they turn out to be great and quite surprising at their commitment to playing nearly every weekend – hes out every weekend road hounding it playing everywhere to huge and small crowds alike playing Rock N Roll to pounding techno – talking about music he likes he tipped his hat to the The Jim Jones Revue and we talked of the genius of King Salami and the Cumberland Three ( a previous Campari Safari stage gracer along with those crazy kids Thee Vicars new Dirt Bombs lp and lots of other rock and roll filth mongers if you havent already tuned in there’s his bbc 6 music show on
sunday 13th feb
where you’ll hopefully hear some tunes I offloaded/asked nicely to play stopmakingme(kill em all /bang gang) , wolfram (gomma/permanent vacation and those gurtle garage Austro bandits black shampoo – fingers crossed he plays them!

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I didn’t really take this seriously when I saw it on pinglewood a while ago there was a photo with your man from Twin Shadow, a rather elaborate hair do and a yellow balloon and some wag had written that he looked like Richard Ayoade from the IT crowd the channel 4 comedy series and music video director- it all smelt a bit like a Chris Morris prank so I didn’t give it a listen – now I wish that id caught onto his music sooner as the music is heart wrenchingly beautiful and he seems like a charming man with pop star qualities – rare to find that these days in this slag heap of under nourished vitamin e lacking synth bashing wastrels – i read somewhere that he’s compared to a black Morrissey – that’s a bit cheap and throwaway – comparisons like that are just lazy – how about a more uptempo Leaonard Cohen !? ! the lyrics and delivery are spot on – ok that’s enough tittle tattle go buy the album from rough trade its got grizzly bear man chris taylor at the controls and together they have made a superbly blissful melancholy album Do You Like Talk Talk ? you’ll love this the slow vid is a parody of those 80s CK ads and the second one is from where I don’t know – it fits perfectly – triumphant youth walking around looking cool on the corners blazing a ree and scaring grannies on the streets – its my fave past time except im a bit old for that now and the paunch isnt a great look…. waffle waffle enough about my mispent youth in tough as nails Bournemouth…. watch and learn and buy !

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Pippa Marias Live at One Party State Barfly – fan video

…..this goes someway to show you how much fun you can be having down the front at one of The Pippa Marias gigs

Boing, Boing, Boing! – they rammed One Party State with their fans and played a blinder – one of the most engaging acts we’ve had and we have had some great ones from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool , My Tiger My Timing , Life In Film , Futurecop and many more amazing acts but this is one of the best yet

Pippa Maria’s craft fun exciting pop with engaging lyrics – another top Swedish pop export in development with English indie pop expertise – Andy Ross is looking out for them and of course that’s Andy Ross Of Blur MGMT fame …

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