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https://soundcloud.com/cerclesocialrecords/sets/human-leather-lazy-karaokehuman leather



( ok no more caps ) alot of lovely guitar work and instantly catchy

100% pure bliss pop   a little bit Wild Beasts as well with the falsetto / wavery voice


maybe a bit jorge socarras ? that rich voice is giving me chills


best thing ive heard in ages !!! they should be supported depeche mode in a just world !

go buy here 


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is it possible to get a more thick inky blackness than Sumatran Black ?

His dark Ambient music is truly a thing of rare beauty , I never even knew it was an old friend from my home town making it as he is a happy go lucky guy

I never knew he had such a dark side to him !! anyway enough guff from me check him out

living in Istanbul he makes creepy downtuned smothering waves of sound that are perfect for the living and the dead I realy really hope we can make music together !!

go buy this album

he turned me onto Gas and for that I will be forever grateful

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March 14, 2017 · 8:08 pm


bit  late to blog this but in an effort to get back into life and celebrating music I will note that the ever excellent casper / volte Face / electro survivor has put out out lots of good music on his own BleeD label and the finest one out of many fine ones for me is EP2 and track ,  Rote 3 is the great ‘running through the forrest but not necessarily scared’ track

Im getting Bandulu   Neu /Rother  and Gas  feelings from the very metalic but warm sounding techno and ambient available here

hail the ghost child

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I didn’t really take this seriously when I saw it on pinglewood a while ago there was a photo with your man from Twin Shadow, a rather elaborate hair do and a yellow balloon and some wag had written that he looked like Richard Ayoade from the IT crowd the channel 4 comedy series and music video director- it all smelt a bit like a Chris Morris prank so I didn’t give it a listen – now I wish that id caught onto his music sooner as the music is heart wrenchingly beautiful and he seems like a charming man with pop star qualities – rare to find that these days in this slag heap of under nourished vitamin e lacking synth bashing wastrels – i read somewhere that he’s compared to a black Morrissey – that’s a bit cheap and throwaway – comparisons like that are just lazy – how about a more uptempo Leaonard Cohen !? ! the lyrics and delivery are spot on – ok that’s enough tittle tattle go buy the album from rough trade its got grizzly bear man chris taylor at the controls and together they have made a superbly blissful melancholy album Do You Like Talk Talk ? you’ll love this the slow vid is a parody of those 80s CK ads and the second one is from where I don’t know – it fits perfectly – triumphant youth walking around looking cool on the corners blazing a ree and scaring grannies on the streets – its my fave past time except im a bit old for that now and the paunch isnt a great look…. waffle waffle enough about my mispent youth in tough as nails Bournemouth…. watch and learn and buy !

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Honeytrap Petrushka

David Bowie put them at the top of a listening list in The Times – hurrah for the Dame!
now here’s a band who are witty , intelligent and criminally unknown ,I don’t think they wish to be indieier than thou and continue putting out limited 7s but if you’ve ever been in a band or managed one you will know how hard it is to balance a social life, a home life, friends and family and then that awkward second family the band – Honeytrap have had their fair share of bust ups and break ups and missing in action members wandering off into the tesco car parks of the mind so its with this new release that i hope they…. stay together… as dame number two Brett Anderson once sang from a studio near Hammersmith

Anyway enough about the kinky writher Brett and his band of leathery old gets this is about Honeytrap and their new album Petrushka they take influence from the mournful sound of Klezmer and run it through with a blade made of rusty and fast crunchy guitars and impassioned lyrics ….

I heartily recommend this band if you liked the first Arcade Fire album, Gogol Bordello, Grinderman, Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and the great English band Thee Single Spy who also draw influence from Klezmer and i really think they should get together and plot a tour …they both share a sense of drama and paint vivid portraits with strong themes – intelligent but equally as good to soundtrack an evening of ape shit vodka drinking and carousing with underfed wretches … so “Chtob vse byli zdorovy” to Honeytrap or Prost ! now go buy the album ! http://honeytrap.bandcamp.com/

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