Campari Safari – the name stems from our love of cheap italo glamour and getting pissed on lurid brightly colored drink . We have grown weary of the taste and prefer Aperol.

Campari Safari started life as a mess around party/club night in Bristol England due to the lack of club nights that played the stuff we wanted to hear – inspired by London Clubs like Trash and venues like the Lock Tavern. It was started by myself and Mat Humphrey a very talented artist and music fan – who would later become an artist working with people like Pete Fowler and bands like Corneshop

At the time in Bristol (04/05) apart from Under_score, Tape Club and an early incarnation of Monkey, Knife, Fight! and really really great nights like Illegal Seagull – there wasn’t much in the way of weird club nights, there were some great gigs but no one putting on bands and djs and making odd stuff with great visuals. There were nights like the greatness of the magnificence which was more film based and centered around one band or artist but we felt there was a need for more accessible spazzy amateurish  trashy fun.

Campari Safari took the time honored tradition of doing it yourself flyering and pasting at midnight , Stickering and forum bothering and it drew a good crowd of interested punters and musos alike. It ran at The Cube Cinema  which is a  brilliant arts space/cinema ) for a few events with Jeremy Warmsley, Emmy the Great , The Fog Band, Chikinki,  New Grand Smoking Palace and Ann Shenton ( Add N to X ) amongst others. . It moved around at The Croft with some events in partnership with the aforementioned Underscore – Duncan who ran it is much missed from the promoting scene he was an early supporter of portable – djs included paul purgas who now runs the ace acid parties Body Hammer a fine bristol techno and electronic promoter Underscore along with Promoters  like Richard Carnage and Tape + Sell By Dave  + Bomo Disco and the estimable Futureboogie  crew

Campari Safari set up shop for a while in The Junction an excellent little venue that supports everything from hardcore punk to leftfield weird shit. Sadly its changed ownership and is now full of standard bristol chill bollox – The best gig we had there was by Hunting Lodge who had a drummer that would launch himself into the crowd and roll around in his pants.Hunting lodge as well as being a great band had a great front man who went on to put on great noise events in london

Bristol is a great city with a rich musical past and current hot bed of talent. Bands can exist there and not worry about whats going on in London and the centralised media some of the best to come out of there are The Pop Group, Postcard/Sarah records , Tricky , Massive Attack , Portishead (not actually from bristol but from up the road ) , Roni Size/Full Cycle , Way Out West, Gravenhurst, Bront Industries Kapital , Kid Carpet , The Blue Aeroplanes,  Rip Rig and Panic – Neneh Cherry  hailing from Bristol and the aformentioned Futureboogie recently its become the second city for dubstep and all the streams from it with people like Pinch and his Tectonic label and bass producer Julio Bashmore (Dirty Bird) and a good weird electronic noise scene with people like Tom Bugs and fey indie pop François And The Atlas Mountains – there’s some amazing new bands/promoters  and labels who go against the idea that it has to happen in London .

Sadly  due to alot of friends moving  to ‘That London’ Campari Safari  wound up there too

Putting on nights at the Lock Tavern (where we were initially inspired to put on nights) where we had performances from many a new face in hell including Joe and Will Ask ? , Electricity In Our Homes ,Nic Nell, Stars Of Sunday League (including guest vocals from Emmy The Great ) Young Husband ( another Emmy The Great link – Euan plays in her band) plus we had dj sets from Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (old skool Drum and Bass for the anorak-ed fans of Electricity In Our Homes !) Stopmakingme and Singleton both of Puregroove (Stopmakingme now a Fabric Resident and with his own Fabric Mix CD and under his real name Daniel Avery) There was a brief spell at the Westbourne Studios where the feat of putting on bands in west london in a hard to find venue was attempted – but some quality nights were had there courtesy of us including Agaskodo Teliverek and a young The Joy Formidable and Artefacts For Space Travel and those cuddly New Zealanders The Brunettes

Jumping around between Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and affiliated venues the Electricty Show rooms and the Slaughtered Lamb we were involved in promoting with Leon from said venue who runs the promotion and mgmt company Popular from there memorable bands we booked with said venue or assisted in running nights were Invasion , Selfish Cunt, Metronomy Bobby Conn and a NYE event with get cape wear cape fly , cock n bull kid and Primary 1 dressed up in animal suits performed some numbers together … through this connection we met the lovely Alex Bean (679) and reconnected with school mate Dennis Brown who initaly put us in touch with Leon

Needing more regular events or the idea of a steady income Campari Safari then struck up a relationship with XK8 promotions booking bands as varied as My Tiger My Timing, Anna Calvi ,We Have Band , Chew Lips, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, The Outside Royalty and Thee Vicars being top faves and the incredible Bo Ningen in various venues but regulary at The Barfly in camden

It is a DJ team you can hear some mini mixes here

It also co books and djs at events in Italy with Italo Italians at Urban in Perugia with our mate Fab MayDay – we also met the lovely Marzio who runs the Lottarox agency and events and works with leon on popular events – small world

we occaisionaly hook up with disco promoters Lasermagetic in their venue the Horse and Groom and have been running the Another Island Night at the Baby Bathouse in stoke newington with Nathan G wilkins at the helm of the booking

Campari Safari moved to Vienna in 09 ( after meeting a lovely lady from austria through Alex Bean ) and has been bringing acts like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Twin Shadow , Mirrors , Horse Meat Disco , Joe Goddard , Becoming Real , Rory Phillips , D/R/U/G/S , Pete and The Pirates , Lazersword, Archie Bronson Outfit, The Wave Pictures Gold Panda and Emeralds in venues such as Arena , Market , Badeschiff , Rhiz and the Donau Festival, recently it promoted Dimensions festival and Electric Elephant festival two british run festivals in Croatia , now its direction is booking digger / record shop owner / original producers that eschew hype and fads and stick to the balearic / old school dj ethos of bring a big bag of records or even files and playing a mix that takes you on a journey covering many areas , recently the bordello a paragi records people from holland have become great friends and the croatians Yas & Sasha , Nico and Jorge Socarras, it has always been about friendship connecting people and enabling music , meeting people and no professionalism , as soon as something feels like a job its boring …

contact: campari0safari   at gmail  dot  com

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