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bit  late to blog this but in an effort to get back into life and celebrating music I will note that the ever excellent casper / volte Face / electro survivor has put out out lots of good music on his own BleeD label and the finest one out of many fine ones for me is EP2 and track ,  Rote 3 is the great ‘running through the forrest but not necessarily scared’ track

Im getting Bandulu   Neu /Rother  and Gas  feelings from the very metalic but warm sounding techno and ambient available here

hail the ghost child


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Clash Interview with Daniel Avery ( stopmakingme)

heres a link to interview with daniel

and here is the unedited longer fuller version

Introducing Daniel Avery (formerly Stopmakingme). He’s just released his Airstrike EP on Relish, his Light Into Dark record comes out on Throne Of Blood in May, more music with Justin Robertson plus remixes for The Horrors, Mickey Moonlight, Munk – busy lad!

Rob: Hello Dan how are you? What are you doing?
Daniel Avery: Ah hello! I just put some Bowie on

Rob: Which album?
Dan: Station To Station, Heroes is my favourite, though
Rob: That’s an Eno one?
Daniel Avery: Heroes is, yeah
Rob: Have you seen the bbc4 doc about krautrock?
Daniel: No, don’t think so …

Rob: There are interviews with Rodieleus and Moebius (Harmonia, Cluster) who worked with him at their studio and they taught him all the studio techniques he would later use to make Heroes. It paints him as a bit of a rotter actually all told
Dan: My latest record was actually mixed on Connie Plank’s old desk, no joke. It is a thing of true beauty. He hand made it whilst he produced all the early Kraftwerk stuff.

Rob: I’m sure there’s some good voodoo going on there! What was your first big dance music event that had an effect on you and did that feed into Djing and you weren’t always into dance music how did you come to love it ?

Daniel: My dad took me to see The Prodigy in Bournemouth when I was 11. I loved it. There was something about the pulse of it all, which must have embedded itself

Rob: Ah brilliant first gig at the BIC as well ! big up the Cherries !
Daniel: Dance music didn’t figure in my consciousness for a large majority of my teens. I went down the path of rock music. Nirvana, Black Sabbath…Bands like Queens Of The Stone Age, Deftones, The Smashing Pumpkins – that was my thing. I used to listen to Mary Anne Hobbs on Radio 1 and I discovered her Breezeblock show that featured a lot more experimental, electronic music. A Chemical Brothers ‘influences’ show was revelatory for me. They played Death In Vegas, Bob Dylan, Mercury Rev but the BIG moment was when they played Temptation by New Order. I was hooked – I knew my Dad had some of their stuff along with other Factory stuff. From there, I became truly obsessed with absorbing as much music as possible from everywhere.
This was when I was about 17 and had just started going out to a fantastic ‘alternative’/indie night in Bournemouth called Project Mayhem…

I think it was a genuinely exciting time for music. The Indie clubs I went to started playing things like Peaches, Tiga… all the electroclash stuff. The two tracks I remember distinctly were Silver Screen Shower Scene by Felix Da Housecat & Miss Kitten and Autobahn 66 by Primal Scream I still listen to both regularly, they are perfect records

The guy who ran Project Mayhem also worked in an independent record shop called Essential Music. He would put up the latest Project Mayhem club charts (I miss people doing stuff like that). One day, there was a sign up for a warm up DJ for the club. I had zero previous aspirations of being a DJ but I made a playlist, got the job and immediately fell in love with playing loud records to other people. Soon I discovered DJs like Erol Alkan, Andrew Weatherall and Optimo and they then lit the road for me! One of the biggest revelations for me was when I went to see Richard Fearless, only because I liked Death In Vegas, but he played some techno that changed my head alongside You Made Me Realise by My Bloody Valentine

Rob: Speaking of Mr Weatherall, how was your gig for ALFOS at Corsica Studios (Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston’s anything under 125 bpm night)

Daniel: It was fantastic! A total honour to be asked and the gig went great.
Just Optimo and me all night in room 2. I could watch Optimo play for days on end

Rob: Did you see this ? I think Andrew nails it about too much choice these days the analogy on too much jam on the shelves and having filters I agree with whole-heartedly …

It’s important to limit and filter out stuff I listen to the radio and peoples mixes & avoid things like Spotify, I know you can make playlists and stuff but whenever I’ve gone to peoples houses and they have it on and some right rubbish has come on, totally unfitting one minute its Pink Floyd (Relics) the next its Joe Cocker WTF? . I think its important to buy and put a record on, its depressing seeing record shops struggling, any thoughts on this?
Daniel: There is one huge advantage record shops have over online: the idea of a filter. There is SO much music out there that, sometimes, it’s great to have some figures whom you trust picking out the best stuff. And staff can get to know your tastes and personally recommend stuff you’d never think of trying.

Rob: There is that danger of when you have a really great salesman and you come out with a load of tracks you aren’t sure of though! . Lets go back to what you said about Richard Fearless and DJS playing unusual tracks one of the best moments for me was hearing David Holmes at Glastonbury do a northern soul set and playing techno as well….

Daniel Avery : Well, I think that spirit is exactly the reason I fell in love with the club Trash; it was a huge influence on me. “Seven Nation Army” isn’t a ‘dance’ track but, when Erol played it, it sounded bigger than anything else. He recognised that pulse, that energy within it.
Rob: to me it is a great dance track! You can mix it!

Daniel Avery: yeah exactly it IS a dance track but not in the conventional sense. Erol would play records at Trash which all shared that same energy

Rob: There’s a lot to be said for the indie club attitude to mixing, each track needing impact and to shift the mood

Daniel: I agree. You have to pick stuff to keep people engaged.
Rob: Back to the formative clubbing experiences…

Daniel: The beauty of Trash was that you had DJs (Rob: Just want to say Rory Phillips and The Lovely Jonjo as residents at Trash DJS are huge DJS as well and vital to Trash’s success) playing new, exciting music but the crowd staying with it and not leaving the dance floor if they didn’t know a record.

Rob: I miss The End some of my best clubbing experiences (Thank you Sam F and Rich G!)

Dan: Me too, I really do
Rob: I miss Madisons, the Manor, Consortium and The Opera house before it went all cheesy. Free Party’s from the DSS posse as well, incredible times!
Dan: Bournemouth definitely has a really interesting clubbing history.

Rob: Do you think that crowds are not so manic these days? Do you think people are more afraid to let themselves go? I noticed it in Berlin people were off their face but they were pretty restrained as well.

Daniel: Well, if people took as many drugs as they did in 1990 they would be howling!
Rob: hey steady I was only 10 in 1990. I’m not that old !
Dan: ha ha, I really don’t want this to seem like another “the past was better” rant, things are still great now, it’s just different. It’s still basically just people in a room wanting to forget about the outside world – I can’t ever see that desire amongst people disappearing.
Rob : True ! – So who do you think is making great music at the moment ?
Daniel: I love these producers from Portugal called Photonz. They have that spirit of acid house but with a modern feel to it.

I think Laurel Halo is really interesting, I’m really looking forward to her new record.
Babe, Terror on Phantasy is mind-blowing good
It’s like Spacemen 3 meets Four Tet – and every bit as good as that sounds! Factory Floor have something special. I hope they can capture that with their album.

Duke Dumont’s new stuff has really impressed me. He is one of the most talented producers around in my opinion Have a listen here

I also want to mention Daphni. Dan Snaith is on unstoppable form right now

I’m also just really excited about my upcoming releases. The next one is on Throne Of Blood (The Rapture’s label) and Weatherall has done a remix for it which is a dream come true.

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The Right To Party – London free party recollections & south coast /south west scene

Hello peeps, I want to bring your attention to a much maligned and misunderstood scene, that of the free party scene, yes the same which makes you think of the ( straggly ) dreaded special brew / super strength cider and k crew ; yes there is that but lets reflect on some positive elements and shed light on some novel venues and uses of public places for things other than car boot sales or rotting shells of previous industry.
The lovely and very wise Elissa Brewer reminisces and ponders on the free party scene in London and surrounding areas during 91 – 99 and makes some salient points re self regulating and the damage done by K and other non party enhancers

Sam Blay who runs Roach Material Rave Flyers a visual history of the southern rave/club scene through cataloging all the great and some terrible artistic examples points to the DSS sound system from Bournemouth who provided infamous parties on the south coast and who wisely escaped to Australia and are still running huge systems and making stomachs feel a bit gippy with their nasty D&B and Dubstep

also of note is the Free party People blog which details some of the huge free parties with some vary hazy and nonsensical recollections and a great source for all things free party related from the glory years of 90 – 94 before the criminal justice bill came into effect – linked to them is the fantastic Spannered books a small publishing house who just put out an excellent piece of pulp fiction based in the Bristol Free Party Scene – it captures the frentic pace, the highs and lows in a hazy psychedelic stream of consciousness which could amount to being cobblers but luckily isnt

read a preview here

Over to Elissa ” It seemed to be whoever, was doing something all of the systems would collaborate ( ed> big ones including Spiral Tribe , Circus Warp , Bedlam and ( my fave DiY) you can find loads of anecdotes and party history here ,

” Everyone would just get on board in any way they could it was just before everyone used the internet to disseminate information , when there was a lot of creativity involved with people making floro back drops and weird sculptures from whatever they could lay their hands on. Making rudimentary video projections and even cine and super 8 ( now thats considered quite quaint or retro cool given that cheaper digital projectors and video editing and youtube have made it dead easy and cheap to provide visuals ) and also the music was at a point were there was still alot of innocence and you would hear lots of strains of different dance music albeit of the harder variety with the exception of the likes of DiY who played brilliant basic deep house music and deep slower techno

Simon DK & Digs and Whoosh from Aforementioned DiY ( who celebrated 20 years and still going in illegal raves in 09 )

DIY had a system at the rave that was to be the last straw for huge free parties and would arguably bring on the Criminal Justice Bill – … here’s a simon dk playlist for castlemorton some choice tunes get ready to shock out

apparently this weatherall remix of the Orb was big at castle morton – mustve been amazing to be rocking and shocking to this – dub it up!

Elisa comments on the more common sight of female djs at free parties “the DJ’s I witnessed were amazing! particularly the women , one woman dj I rememebr completely blew the place apart with a mixture of techno and afro beats (possibly Gizelle?) …People often brought their own instruments. One friend of mine from a gypsy spanish background always brought her castanets to parties it wasn’t all terrible bongos and didgeridoos thankfully ” some of the favorite female djs on the scene and in the techno world were people like Gayle San (Final Frontier/ The Omen resident both clubs worthy of their own posting ) and Brenda Russell who would also play in my home town of Bournemouth at a legendary club called the Outer Limits alongside other uk Legends like Colin Dale, Dave Angel and my fave Dave Clarke . you can find out what where the promoter and DJ Paul Edge wound up here – pretty amazing story you can find some of the flyers from classic south coast clubs like Madisons, The Manor,
Sterns (in worthing) and The Academy ( now the Opera House/02 academy ? fuck knows it seems to change every 3 years )

A big free party organizer in the south known for their raves in strange places were the DSS sound system who once blagged their way into a church hall by duping the parish vicar much to the chargrin of the villagers .

that event was incredible despite the hall only holding 500 people it went on til mid morning before it finally got busted and I think the organisers managed to keep their rig and were not charged Im proud to say I know the people behind it who put on some amazing parties including cave parties near sandbanks and beach raves along the south coast but primarily in Bournemouth – home of the Blue Rinse and Tory stronghold
DSS are very much still alive and their rig lives on in sydney where they are evading the authorities putting on events of upwards of 3000 people in legal and ileagal spaces this tribute site also links to roach material a paper history through the acid house / raves scene with a south coast bias

One monumental rave organizer was Fantazia who presented this amazing rave which saw some of the best weather and very strong sweets by the looks of it! There is not one raver kid born before 82 who doesn’t know ratpacks refrain

Now I was standing in the corner ….

Oh just watch the video ! Whistle posse blow !

very interesting to see an appearance by mr Andrew Weatherall in 1990 at Madisons for the Flesh Event with Chad Jackson in room 2 .

Madisons was a classic bournemouth rave den in the mould of a sharon and tracey club loads of mirrors and dodgy interior unfortunately it had to close due to a dangerously unsafe floor due to all the stomping that wouldve meant 500 + ravers could of come crashing through the floor into the miss selfridge below at any of the events … ) also worth a special mention is Boy With Style events at Remix which saw such luminaries as Moby and Carl Cox Play in this brilliant club + nights from Flying records who had a branch in Bournemouth and would provide brilliant club tours inc the junior boys own label connection

Heres a vid of local legend dj dream playing some very hard belgian gear with loads of hoover at Remix – make some fucking noise yeah!

I also remember a bi monthly residency from sasha and digweed (northern exposure ) at the aforementioned Madisons that saw epic prog house tunes such as this and saw people crying, group hugging and generally flying high

….endless car conveys out into the middle of the new forrest and down to bournemouth beach ensued …alas this raver was too young and had to sneak back to mates houses and come down on the patio or in stinky teenage bed rooms heres some vids from john digweeds hastings and brighton parties obviously brighton had a better scene than lil old bournemouth but we had beautiful long sandy beaches !

from the bedrock website “Found this lying around the house and thought I would share it with you.
One of the coach trips from Hastings to The Event in Brighton in 1991 for one of the legendary Passion nights
which followed on from the successful Storm Parties in 1990 nearly 2000 ravers every month having it large.

Also must mention the legend that is Mike Speed local resident at madisons Mike speed moved from his native scotland down to the Bournemouth his sets were legendary and often surpassed the guests at madisons and the manor including a rather moody Sasha when he was going a bit too wafty into the prog / trance stuff in the late 90s . Mikey speed used to work in local record shops and would always be friendly and point out all the best new techno and house releases and get in the best stuff he was an inspiration to many a young DJ from bournemouth and deserves more credit for his work – Mikey i want tae go back tae back wi youse one day ya big yin

one guest who must of played at least 3 times a year bown in btown and who mike speed always warmed up for was Billy Nasty one of the best techno djs in the world his fast cutting and ruthless brutalist yet still funky style. his sets would include classic acid to leeds bleepy stuff to early Hawtin (before it went all tits up for him ) up to early trance and hard house Mrs Woods style
tracks like Robot Man Got To Do The Do really stick in the memory though

he was so inspirational to I and many other djs
this radio one essential mix features plenty of legends such as dave clarkes red series , underworld , the aloof , andrew weatherall’s sabres of paradise and conemelt

other huge nights such as Electric Kingdom had Carl Cox , dave angel , Westbam & cj bolland and huge jungle and hardcore nights at the much missed Madisons

another huge event venue was the academy – now the opera house before slinky took over and turned it into a hardhouse nightmare. people like laurent garnier playing broad sets including a drum and bass section which went down very well with the crowds – shouts must go to the cocoshebeen crew and also the much missed Manor nightclub which saw ravers elated with the Destiny and legacy nights with three floors of house , garage and drum and bass and unfortunately for me the dreaded happy hardcore was well represented there as well

anyway enough of my south coast dreaming ! back to Elisa and the free party scene in London.

“an ugly side to the free-party scene that was starting to creep the late 90s was the Ketamine …. the regretamine, which really put a downer on the creativity, and lots of people dependent on it. The older generation were sad to see the effect of it. Also on some occasions problems with drug gangs infiltrating the parties, menacing Yardies who would harass party goers . I personally saw little of it but was aware of stories and heard scary things . But on a whole the party scene was completely self regulated… amazingly peaceful considering the volume of people in such a space… a real sense/ atmosphere of solidarity and needing to be in it together for everyone there. The ultimate point was to go for as long as possible for as many people as possible regardless of who they were and where they came from it was a social experiment there werent the social divisions you see in regular clubs and events
an this is What i really loved was the way free parties broke down alot of social barriers. Living in London, there was so alot of that clubbing experience that could feel very “cattlemarket”, consumer culture driven, sexist, racist, ageist, even at some so called alternative settings such as Glastonbury ( which today is nothing like the edgier and more vibrant beast it was ) . All that was completely broken down at free parties. For me, I think that was one of the things that was most interesting about it. It broke down the normal expectations and social constructs. The experience I had as a woman, was very good, because I felt free from the normal widespread expectations of a woman at a mainstream club or festival , ie, to look as pretty as possible, and attract a man, or be on a man’s arm. At the parties, all that went out of the window. Elements of it sometimes came into play, but I think women felt freer to express themselves as people. After three days at those free parties, the last thing anyone cared about what what they looked like.
Interestingly, I met a lot of women, who worked in the sex trade, in some way or another, either prostitutes, lap/ table dancers, and I think from what I saw anyway, it was an escape from the normal constructs of society that was their normal reality. I suppose there were also drugs there, and a lot of them were obviously fed drugs as part of their work. So they were addicted, but at least I suppose they had the opportunity to feel more connected in the party environment, also to express themselves as people and not be objectified.

That’s just an example, lots of ego stuff was broken down… people didn’t identify so much with themselves, have anything to prove, it was more of a solidarity experience, people went there wanting to feel connected and were more open to that. And weirdly, considering the lack of formal “security” people always felt safer there than in normal clubs. On the rare occasion something would happen, even something as lttle as a comment, there was a firece loyalty and friends stepped in for each other straight away. But actually these moments were rare, there was most of the time a pervasive sense of just wanting to have a good time, connect, dance, get away from the normal constraints of society, quite anarchic, but also with a strong sense of what was not OK . Having said that I was punched once! But thats because I stepped right into the fray to break up a fight and caught a fist in the mouth, but that was the only actual fight I ever saw. And after I understood, that actually one of the men involved had been very out of order and the other one had felt that he was a real threat. The result was a massive verbal onslaught on the guy, people stepped up to work out what had happened, and it turned out the guy, he’d actually been violent towards his girlfriend, had seriously stepped out of line, and he wasn’t seen again at any parties.
From my experience, I thought it was very sad that the K got in the way

Also the other harder drugs and reliance on alcohol were annoying and ground people down . Some drugs were strongly considered unacceptable like crack and heroin , and this was very verbalized on occasions were it entered into the area. People did not want the drug gangs to become part of the situation but it was the drug dealing element that really numbed the creativity, and the connection vibe that ecstasy and acid use brought … With the K, which was the main drug of choice by the late 90s , people talked of the potential to have out of the body experience together.

But this experience is really quite rare and often people just end up a useless mess in the K hole

and the down sides were too great, sometimes it would look like a mortuary with unable bodies strewn around the party It also left people too vulnerable to thievery although I felt safe there most of the time, there was a limit, I felt, as a person of being able to let yourself be so totally removed from reality in that kind of environment.
But then a certain amount of getting high some way or another, was very much part of the experience, and was personal to each person.

“ I experienced crazy things with people in acting out strange situations These mad ones were in Camden, MI5 building near St Thomas’s hospital, Islington, Old street, Stratford, West London, Hammersmith, Acton, Vauxhall and Brixton. I Remember Zeebedee Boing a DJ and promoter being a key figure and all the Stay up forever crew like Chris liberator D.A.V.E the drummer who was often around at the time playing and pivotal figure in the scene.
D.A.V.E the drummer One Night In Hackney

the people behind the great parties were mainly from Slough and East London . I remember a rave in Acton, which was probably the best one of the best ones ( and there were many!) I went to, massive sound systems, amazing set up lazers strafing the whole place and intense strobes … absolutely brilliant atmosphere possibly around 5000 people there at one point we sat out side the warehouse where there were a load of old smashed computers, we put up an Internet Cafe sign… people just came by and pretended to be at the cafe and started asking for coffee and cakes Very surreal…childlike, fun…Everyone completely loved up.

Loads of Italians in amazing luminous perfect techno gear, like from some kind of manga cartoon, alongside, all the techno kids, travellers and punks, and whoever else wanted to come in…everyone having an excellent time, and being excellent to each other as far as I could see. …the main thing was getting to a point where you totally felt free and became fast friends with people over 2 – 3 days.

if this track from a john peel session doesnt make you want to find the nearest warehouse and go mental then you are dead inside!

As the free party scene has become so rare these days thanks to Michael Howard and the previous Tory Government then the successive Labour government who devolved into the Tony Blair war machine/Gordon Brown Debacle and now our current bunch of Tory twats cutting deep and hard into our grannies and pockets . ably assisted by their lib dem bottom scrapers I feel a bit sad that generations now will maybe never know the feeling of a truly great free party or even a good underground club where people are off their faces and really friendly – of course they are out there but you have to look pretty hard to find proper kicks
stuff like this makes me really sad that people want to pay to see a man steve angello in trackie bottoms playing cds and not really mixing ( prerecorded set ala guetta) and spitting everywhere at huge dry fests like this

… perhaps this summer we will see a resurgence in free parties what with the fuzz distracted by the O-schlimpics – lets hope! come on free party people get organized lets have some huge rigs assembled !


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wax analysis – Clash Music

original posted here

Remember when record shopping was still in vogue and not so much a spectator sport?

There was once an age where you had an intimate relationship with your record dealer as a buyer, who you’ve ginned up and sweet talked every day on the off chance that he will get up off his stool, go down to the basement where he keeps his secret record stash and hand you an extra copy of that special edition record (with a holographic sticker to let you know it’s limited) that you’ve been eyeing for days. Memories of anticipation, scanning the whiteboard for a scheduled release date so you can count down the days to finally get your hands on that big fat slice of aural bliss. Added to the fact that you know he reserves that record for his high profile buyers, as a bonus, you get bragging rights along with an exclusive membership to a top tiered class of musical connoisseurs – a class that Discaire is secretly organizing and bringing back to life.

Discaire is born out of a friendship between gay socialites. It’s members are based in 3 cities: San Francisco, London and New York. Some have worked in independent record shops in a previous timeline and know the joys of opening a new record with unique, psychedelic artwork that conveniently goes hand in hand with the music – even to the point that the artwork was made to accompany the sounds you purchased. Feeling nostalgic for the limited edition, glossy, gate fold cover these boys decided to go full speed with their own record label that is currently attracting a cult following through it’s DIY perspective and gay aesthetic.

Although the first release was from gay duo Discodromo – the second release is C.L.A.W.S from San Francisco. Each release is carefully curated, stuffed with goodies and surprises and comes hand packaged with original artwork, not to mention a record with high quality pressing from the master Dietrich Schoenemann.

As most of the artwork is centered around gay iconography of historical significance, the first release included, as an added layer, an X rated video by Berlin based artist Gold~N~Sour that is accessed through a secret code, granted only to those who purchase the 12″. The shock value of some straight DJ inspecting the packaging and happening upon a video of a gay Berlin after hours is priceless.

Enter their shadowy world here…

Discaire | (although of course you should go to your local shop and demand they stock Discaire!)

– – –

Sex Tags Mania – Norwegian hot wax from a Berlin bunker coming straight at your brain. Sex tags mania is more than your average dance label it works like a giant art project each release is an event in itself to the extent they have contributed to some art festivals with releases acting as conceptual events

Conceived in 2004 by Graffiti obsessed (hence the name sex tags mania) Acid House, golden era hip hop loving guys the label encompasses many sounds with offshoot labels inc sex tags amphibia, acido records and a central portal where they sell their wares and those of labels who are simpatico.

With close links with the Norwegian underground they are actually based in Berlin and have built a reputation for obscure yet immediate dance tracks. Personally the best release is Transylvanian Galaxi which is an alter ego of a guy called Skatebard who can also be found on the label – based on the vocal he is channeling some middle eastern ghost by way of Romanic Italo – play this at 5- 11am in a darkened room with some enlightened beings and you will either unhinge or close minds – undoubtedly a true test of the faithful!

Fiercely anti MP3 they insist on Vinyl and rightly so this is dense music and you need the bass that only vinyl gives most djs don’t have the money and a back of Hercules to lug the black gold but with every release its worth it – sex tags mania press only on really heavy vinyl and the quality of each release means you get great art and a little story about the track with a note (notes are often photo zine art in the style of those send away classified ads that used to appear in viz or the beano for whoopee cushions and such like) about the recording process and the artist. Usually releases are limited to around 300 – 1000 copies and if you like things hand made with a love for the process and appreciation for a good mistake – no abelton made in two minutes bollox here these tracks are raw and rough and you will have to ride the pitch like a real dj! – The finest acid, the eeriest digi dub, the best basic house – get the mania!

– – –

Allen Alexis sit somewhere in the fields of disco and electronic music with a big emphasis on pop – big hooks, pounding beats and distinctive vocals. The duo formed in 2009, garnering a large chunk of euro attention with radio and video play in Austria and Germany and a carefully selected club shows and festival dates. Allen Alexis are DJ and Producer Philip Preuss (Dope Sagittarius / Afro Punk NYC) and Guenther Bernhart. … sounding like a less introspective Underworld and with a slightly sinister performance aspect – which comes as a direct link to his background with working with a god like genius of Industrial and Electronic music …

Said god of electronic music is Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget – who was the first artist to sign to Daniel Miller’s Mute label). A truly unique artist his live shows were legendary and quickly established Fad Gadget as one of the most exciting acts of the time. A consummate showman he used his whole body to convey the pulsating electronic rhythms and utilized a bizarre array of instruments and conventional household tools such as hand drills often his performances would feature a process of lathering up in oil and covering himself in feathers – truly artistic and confrontational yet in a playful way unlike other industrial artists who want to abuse the audience.

Frank produced Bernhart’’s first band Temple X in London at the infamous Blackwing Studios (Depeche Mode / Yazoo/ My Bloody Valentine and Ride amongst many to cut albums there) after his girlfriend put them in touch

Frank enjoyed working with Bernhart and Temple X so he asked him and the rest of Temple X to join as his backing band on tour for the Fad Gadget comeback supporting fellow label mates and fellow struggling synth band Depeche Mode on their Exciter Tour in 2001 (only 84 dates the workshy so and so’s!) – It was a grueling schedule besieged with mishap Temple X’s van was involved in a dramatic road accident somewhere in Europe, flipping over and ejecting their drummer out of the back doors and onto the ground outside. The broken collar bone he sustained in the accident meant that he would be unable to play the final, British, shows at Wembley Arena and Manchester’s MEN Arena such a spinal tap style incident only cemented their bond further and after a successful mini euro tour with the invigorated Fad Gadget Frank told them he wanted to record a new album with them however only days after Frank announced this the band were contacted to be told that Frank had passed away at home dying at the age of 45 from a heart condition… Frank had suffered with heart problems all his life and died at home in April 2002. It was a complete fallout for his family his many fans and friends worldwide and especially stinging for Temple X

Time marches on and styles and tastes evolved 7 years later and with various electronic projects under his belt including Collaborations with the Bloody Beetroots as part of previous group Beta Bow and a collaboration with another heavy bass electro producer Felix Cartel & joining as a member of the elusive and bizarre Gelatin Arts Group (recent collaboration with Youngish British Artist Sarah Lucas most noted for being a part of the Saatchi Sensation exhibition) this new project combines elements of performance art, sometimes in drag, dance floor orientated electronic music combined with beautiful modern pop sensibilities with two live shows the Pop version and the darker performance / trans-orientated darker techno set for the dark rooms – yah geiler Scheiße as the kinder say.

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OH! SIGNORI E SIGNORE! Announcing Another Island …. A hot and steamy place of refuge hidden away from the crowded and whistling streets! Space lovers, disco hounds and the curious will be well rewarded for their patronage – we will be bringing the best Italian disco music producers old, new and eclectic to an exciting dancefloor equipped with a powerful and warm system near Bethnal Green in the real East End.The Sebright Arms

Our first guest for this inaugural party is DJ Rocca (Luca Roccatagliati), one half of the super producers Ajello with Fabrizio Tavernelli. With his roots in acid jazz, Luca established himself as resident at the influential leftfield Maffia Club playing alongside Coldcut, Leftfield, and James Lavelle. More recently, his edits and remixes for Luke Solomon, Rodion, Isolee, Pete Herbert and In Flagranti have been tearing up bassbins all over Europe. His latest release sees Ajello collaborating with Hard Ton and Brennan Green on the disco bruiser “Chocolate Black Leather.” on their own collaboration label with Hell Yeah Danny Was A Drag King

Rocca has recently joined forces with nu disco legend Dimitri From Paris for their new retro electro disco act Erodiscotique, with a huge release on Gomma records,

inclusions in the Playboy Mansion compilation released by Defected records and mixed by DFP and Bob Sinclair Another collaboration with a seminal DJ is on the way – Dj Rocca and lord of cosmic disco Daniele Baldelli have signed for an album on UK label Nang, with a 12” already released called “Space Scribble”

Rocca’s DJ set can include anything from New-Wave, Italo-Disco, Chicago House, Disco, Neurofunk, & Eurodance and Cosmic – this one is going to be special! Forza!

we have asked Rocca to play as broad a set as he likes and to take us on a journey through his collection and take us away to ….Another Island

Able support comes from fellow Italian & boss of Italo italians label and blog Fab May Day – scheduled releases include Drop Out Orchestra Tom Trago and of course Ajello themselves and Fabs own tracks and infectious edits of italo and afro/cosmic tracks and pop oddities …. and those Campari Safari DJs and promoters Rob and Sammy who have found the time to cross over from Vienna ( recent eclectic gigs and club nights inc Gang of Four Andrew Weatherall ( with Fab) , Horse Meat Disco , Joe Goddard , Becoming Real, Twin Shadow D/R/U/G/S & Is Tropical to name a few …)

New Fab May Day Here

Another Island is a bi monthly event expect Italian Flavoured Dance music and soon pysche rock/kraut rock/mutant disco/noise bands of all stripes! last sat next date 28th Jan

31-35 Coate Street, E2 9AG Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green Tube

Date: Saturday 26th November 21.00 – 02.00

Admission : Free Before 10 w/flyer ; £5 W/ Flyer ; £5 on the list


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The link between Becoming Real & Nick Papadimitriou. Deep Topography

Im going to write about the musician Becoming Real – Toby Ridler – It has been my pleasure to book and promote and spend some time with in Vienna- a charming , modest and erudite musician – download these recent remixes he did for FACT of Dam Mantle and Blonde Red Head and buy his music here get the wax jack

His music is ideal for the dancefloor ( if you can keep up and foot werk it out ) and head noddingly infectious equally great for looming around dark urban places with your headphones strapped on

Here’s a vid from the Campari Safari /TBA Vienna gig way back in Jan at Market …. the venue was freezing ! Not too many people came out to witness him and the previously written about D/R/U/G/S but Wien is like that in january nasty cold that chills you to the very core and makes for very hard work as a promoter …

He has mentioned in an article in the Guardian New Band Of the day that he walks alot and finds inspiration from the strange spaces in London and translates it into making ghostly unnerving music …

Someone who does alot of walking and recording and cataloging strange spaces is Nick Papadimitriou. You can watch and learn a bit about him here and the background of pyschogeography and what Nick Calls Deep Togpography …from the wilds of the hinterlands Nick looks at the minutae of the countryside or the space just outside the city cutting and roving in the borderlands there’s a documentary featuring Will Self and Ian Sinclair and RusselL Brand talking about him ....The London Perambulator

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YUCK INTERVIEW – Riders , Denny’s, Werner Herzog , An Interview About Nothing

YUCK have been hailed as one of the bands of 2011 by the BBC – those kind of things can be shit for a band and hold no truck with me but I do agree that they – Yuck – are a brilliant band – haterz have come out to hate in their sniveling droves, saying they are too derivative of early 90s American rock like Dinosaur Jnr and Pavement and what not but didn’t the stones, primal scream, 808 state and countless others do a pretty good knock off of their heroes
I don’t see the problem with taking a theme and running with it they are great live and given their young age this is a great debut.

I really want to see them at Primavera in the blazing sunshine on a big stage – after seeing them only on indie club stages ( this interview was held at b72 a pokey venue in Vienna great sound but small) i think they can cut it live on a big stage

here’s the Interview – its going on TBA mag in German translation in a week or so

Yuck interview @ B72 Vienna

for this interview i wanted to avoid all the usual shit about where you come from how you met and all that and ask them about life on the road and see if i could extract any strange home truths or thoughts and feelings about themselves UK life and what their interests are.They gel together well onstage as a live band despite not knowing each other for very long ( apart from Max and Daniel who’ve known each other since childhood and were in the band Cajuan Dance Party together – Amalayse one of the greatest indie disco songs of all time tru fax ) theres a bit of paraphrasing and condensing but tried to keep it all in as they were charmingly awkward and then warmed up and were engaging and funny

interviewer : hows it going, hows the tour ?

band : yep all fine (mumbles )
interviewer : do you have any pre show rituals like drinking whiskey from a sacred cup or drawing of blood ?:

Daniel : no not really – sometimes i ask max if he’s gone to the toilet

Interviewer : so like a toilet check – fecal matters ?check each others parts ?

Daniel : well we never know whether to go to the toilet!

interviewer :mmmkay

Max : well i like whiskey but its not a ritual

Mariko: No that’s normal

Band : collective giggling

Interviewer: so you dont all have a wee dram before the show just to warm up?

max: a wee what now ?

interviewer: a wee dram – its Scottish for a small measure

Max : ah right well i love whiskey…. trailing off

Interviewer: any weird incidents on this tour or do you feel at any time there’s been a curse put on you ?

daniel: yeah when we couldn’t get to America because they ( uk passport office) kept fucking up our visas – it was stupid stuff like typos and it made our visas invalid

max : Yeah we were waiting at the airport and Roxie ( above mentioned manager and mate of band and my cuz and hardest working woman in pop right now! ) was at the embassy and she was like literally on them to hurry up the process and bring us the passports because normally it takes 3 days to get them . in the end we got them but then nearly every flight was canceled because of the snow so we felt like there was this devine person not wanting us to go ( they were due to play cmj – very big industry showcase thing much like sxsw but in new york)

Daniel: it was jesus he didnt want us to go

Max : but in the end jesus shone a light and we got the only flight an the visas were ok –

interviewer : There is a lord ! praise be!

interviewer: so when you come off the tour what’s literally the first thing you do ?

Max: Have a power shower ! *band – collective laughing *
Mariko : ( Muffled )wash the stench away! and water the plants if they are still alive

Interviewer : have you experienced any Austrian showers here? as i find they are incredibly powerful (I love Austrian showers and plumbing )

max : the best shower i’ve had IN MY LIFE was in the etap hotel here in vienna l and i love etap hotels and it was a non altering constant powerful jet and it had led lights in the head

interviewer : so like a disco shower

max : yeah and it changed colour with the rise in temperature!

interviewer : so that makes it really hard to leave as you are in a disco with hot water ….

max : yeah i didn’t want to leave it was incredible the lights change when you change the temperature *says as if this was an earth moving experience *

interviewer: which leads me to ask why can we get decent showers in the uk cos every house / flat bar one ive lived in has a had a weak shitty little shower or it burns you and doesn’t stay the same temperature – its a modern country why cant there be a decent standard !?

jonny : yep the shower in my flat is shit

max : mine too its like a dribble !

danny : why cant there be a decent standard of anything? Because like here we get here and we have been on the road all day and there’s like really nice food and wine and a lot of it but in the UK all we got was some raw vegetables that we couldn’t do anything with like brocoli and cauliflower – were they expecting us to make soup ?? what the fuck?? stick to the carrots and the cucumbers please

interviewer : is there a really bad promoter or venue you’ve come across because i have worked on quite a few shows and there’s a certain company which owns a chain of venues and they are notoriously tight and crap with riders and fees and communicating to anyone working with them for that matter …

max well gigs in those venues are their own special genre really its just a big black stinky box with stinky toilets and usually a stinky and stingey rider

daniel : yeah generally everyone that works there has massive chips on their shoulders about working there so they just treat you like shit

max : horrible greasey chips

interviewer : big old stinky chips … ahahmmm so moving on!

interviewer : have you been anywhere that you had a really strong emotional response too .. somewhere you absolutely loved or hated and please divulge …

Max (in strong southern accent ) I love nashville

interview : You love nashville and whys that ?

Max: thats what daniel said when we were circling the map in a tourist office
the tourist guide showed us nashville on the map and daniel said back to him (southern accent ) “nashvilles just there ? I luuuurve nashville” collective chortling

max proceeds to show us a tour video of the band winding up a tourist office person in america on their tour

max : ive been shooting lots of banter for us to watch back when we get back home

daniel: we should invite our families for that and all watch it together

so we watch the video and the first thing we hear is daniel singing in a dislocated voice ” carolina …my vagina ” more beavis and butthead type chuckling ensues

interviewer: so you are going to sxsw are you going to do loads of shows put yourself everywhere and put it about a bit ?

daniel: yep oh yeah !

interviewer: so barbeques are you looking forward to alot of those

max ( becoming very wild eyed and excited ) yes !! smoked briskets and grits !

interviewer: what are grits ive always wondered that ?

max : grits is basically porridge with cheese –

Mariko: its sloppy and disgusting

max: ive got a video of daniel trying grits in denny’s actually

Band : all creasing up with laughter

Max shows us the video

jonny the drummer is seen in front of dennys restaurant complaining ” we are at Dennys because Max and Daniel wanted the real American dining experience” Max’s voice cuts in “There’s even an American flag outside in case you forgot you were in America. ” Cut to inside Denny’s – Daniel is eating the grits with a pained expression on his face ” its like eating uncooked batter ” max ” an appetizer before breakfast … brilliant god bless America ”

reading the menu max declares Denn’ys mantra s “we’re open to that “…. “if you want a fried chicken put through a blender and made into a smoothie … we’re open to that”…

Interviewer: directing at Jonny who’s from New Jersey and met Daniel on a kibbutz and was invited to up sticks and move to the UK

“so what is denn’y where does it stand in the fast food placing is it american classic? is it better than BK and maccie ds?

jonny: its like a really shitty sit down fast food place but there’s some little differences

max interjects : and all the waitresses call you hon or honey

interviewer : ahh nice so you go for home cooking and get some love and affection from the waitresses

max cackling again: they rub their tits on your grits!

interviewer : surely thats extra ??!

daniel : its just sex drugs rock and roll and grits with us

max : i tried some it was horrible , ( with perfect comic timing ) What was the question sorry!?

interviewer flustered at the thought of waitresses providing extra grits enhancing services
err – oh yeah sxsw !

Max : yes ! the best thing they have is the huge barbecues ! have you ever been to a Bodeans?

Interviewer : nah never been what is it :

max : its this chain restaurant in London set up by a guy from texas and they slowly smoke the meat and its just the best meat you’ll ever have

interviewer : i love meat, while we are on the subject of meat have you ever hear or been to St Johns in Smithfields /Clerkenwell ( in London) they serve lots of off cuts like offal and marrow bone – like what a dog would eat but its actually very tasty

Daniel : that doesn’t sound like a nice dining experience to me

max : do you eat the marrow with a straw ?

mariko : yeah i heard about it my friends went there i’d like to try it

Daniel: Proceeds to sing to the tune of peaches fuck the pain away ” sucking on my gritties”


interviewer : so next question! sonic youth , my bloody valentine , jesus and mary chain they are in a burning building and you can only save one who do you save …

Daniel: sonic youth definitely

Daniel : yep i haven’t really listened to much Jesus and Mary chain or My Bloody Valentine

Mariko : id save Thurston Moore definitely

Max : if i could answer this question from a moral standpoint id save sonic youth as they have released more material than both those bands as you are saving more years of musical life and influence

Interviewer : so more value in saving them – harsh but good reasoning!

Interviewer : i heard you like Werner Herzog and there’s a split 7″ you did with a band called Herzog

Daniel : its this guy from ohio we did the single release as a split with one side each with an image and he did a drawing of Herzog as the cover image

Interviewer : in his glory years or as a haggard grizzly man that he is now

daniel: yeah he was a grizzled haggard man …

interviewer : i love listening to Werner Herzog’s voice he has a really beautiful calming voice and accent

daniel : yeah He’s a beautiful man and he speaks English in the most beautiful way

interviewer: yeah and he’s from bavaria and he always talks about how the Bavarian are different to Germans and how they are alot more warm hearted – and more contemplative…

Interviewer : so Shook Down to me sounds like a really good radio song for driving on a hot day – have you listened to it in a car ?

max: well when we got the album mixes back it was really useful to listen to them in the car as that’s mostly where we are going to listen to them when we are driving and its good to listen them on speakers you know ….

Interviewer : to me it sounds like a really good summer song – push for it ! it sounds a bit Neil Young

daniel : ahh thats very kind of you to say …

Mariko : ahh wow that will make him happy !

Daniel: and pretty much the chords are Neil Young- ish ….but they are everyone’s chords they are the golden chords

interviewer : good point they are out there for everyone …

Interviewer so final question what do want for tomorrows children destruction and fire or peace and unicorns or something else ….?

Daniel : peace and unicorns

max: inevitably it will be destruction and fire … but thats inevitable … ( cryptic look crosses his face )

Jonny: Fiery death !

interviewer : how about some fiery unicorns ?
Mariko : peace and unicorns sounds cool

Jonny : pizza unicorns!

Daniel : the children wont want peace and unicorns they’ll just want wii number 3 …..

Max: lets definitely go for pizza unicorns that’s what they should get …..

and so Endeth the interview which descended into a discussion on computer games of the 90s and early 2000s and how Daniel was deprived of n64 and had to wait an age to get a SNES when all his mates were getting n64s… I think he had quite a restricted childhood …I can relate!
we only had a ZX spectrum when all the other kids were getting Amiga’s ! Console related angst seems to of translated well into the psychological make up of this young man – the musical output is of a very high standard

their album is out on now !

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