Will Self. Shark & Nick , John Rogers

Trying to read Shark by one of my favorites since university days,slightly demonic looking  enjoyably pompous but always witty Will Self. Whatever you may think of him after all his incessant punditry and sometimes overbearing wordiness,  unquestionably, he writes a good tale , Apes , ghosts , flys , junkies, loonies and now Sharks and words that seem to swim and dart around like the much misunderstood beasts. I’ve come at this book at a strange angle not having read Umbrella so im getting used to the roiling and broiling pot of mental flotsam spewing forth . I thought i was used to his style but I’m only  about one third through and its an effort , like all his books ,  so far well worth it , but undeniably hardgoing former cainers usually do pyschotic turmoil quite well but I wouldnt recommend this series as a first go, try Great Apes or any other Zack Busner books … This one is doing me nut right in frankly and Ive taken to blog in the world wide wank pit to utter a cry for help.. Is anyone else finding it HARD GOING !!???

I thought I’d written about his mate Nick Papadimitriou but I think I wrote loads then deleted it for some reason , but if you havnt watched or read about him go and look him up and his mutual friend and film maker John Rogers , theres nearly ten years of youtube films both professional and hand held of them traipsing around london in deep topography , flaneuring or pyschogeographicaly mapping outlands and areas of London , Scarp Nick’s book , This Other London John Rogers’ book & of course Ian Sinclair the cataloger of hackney well worth investigating , I still tell people about longpig of Riddley Road market which you could get in the late 90s , go read Lights Out For The Territory … Ahh the the pull of London , on every corner you can feel the ghosts oozing around , why cant I feel that here in Vienna ? Like midge it means nothing to me


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