Clash Music – wax analysis – italian electronic special

heres some text on italian electronic music – predominately self releasing and vinyl only /small imprints

the original is here with pics and vids …

Ciao ragazzi come state?

Today I want to take you on mini tour of the northern Italy dance scene – all the labels featured, are very insistent on pressing vinyl and keeping the dance-floor and your earphones humming with maternal bass. There’s talk of a revival in Italian dance but the truth is it’s always been putting out amazing music, you just have to dig a little to find a wealth of labels and styles all directly fostered by Italians. This is just a tiny selection of some of the best music coming out right now, some of which is as yet unreported by the wider music press – so come now on a magic carpet ride over the alps to the land of endless melody!

First up is a young producer called simply Nicholas from Perugia in Umbria. Perugia is a medium sized city in Italy (you might have heard of the place due to the Knox Trial… But we won’t dwell on that!)

Nicholas was introduced to dance music at a very young age by attending the legendary Red Zone Parties (running since 1989 – at the heart of the Italian house scene – known worldwide). As a result of digging out all the classic tracks he heard there, his style has been shaped directly by the club’s signature old school house sound. As a result of producing and releasing a large volume of tracks that embody this particular sound, he has been invited to play at events like Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Space in Ibiza and the Louche Party in Leeds with Omar S.

His is a sound looking backward while still remaining timeless – seriously irresistible jacking grooves that trace a line from Chicago label Prescription (home to legends like Chez Damier and Ron Trent). Check out the compilation of his reworks from the classic Nu Groove label Back on Track which is available on

Now we head further North to Trento to talk with Mashhh! records boss Luigi. Mashhh! covers anything from dreamy electronic pop to jagged post punk, born in Trento (North Italy) in 2010 during a boozy meeting between label bosses Marco Ricci and Luigi Segnana. “The idea is simple: release what we like by friends we love. Recording our artists using whatever kind of equipment available: analogue, digital, it really depends on the music we release. Each style needs the right format.”

“Mashhh! Records love vinyl, tape and all the vintage stuff, because they are warm and friendly. Usually, when we want to record some bands, we rent a house and we shut ourselves in for a week (or more), working day and night, eating together and only taking cat naps and generally trying to pin down an elusive dreamy sound.”

“It leads to a perfect state of mind for making music – half sleepy and tripped out – with our own band Casa Del Mirto we recently got Tjinder Singh from Cornershop to sing on one of our tracks as we are big fans of their lovely grooves – we wrote to him and magically he agreed and wrote this track and laid down one of his lovely thick syrupy vocals – his voice alone can soothe any ailment! His lyrics on this track are pretty bizarre I think he was just riffing on some themes going on in his head. He’s one of the great musicians of our times and it was a real honour to work with him.”

Casa del Mirto feat. Cornershop – Snap Yr Cookies

– – –
Now back To Perugia! ITALO ITALIANS is a small independent label, blog and club project developed by DJ Fab. a.k.a FabMayDay, Giuseppe Trupiano, Marco Mando and Michele Celeschi, all of whom have worked for the Friday night disco electro dance parties “Friday I’m in Rock” organized by Urban Club of Perugia.

In the summer of 2010 they realized the need to create an event and outlet for music, which can thoroughly catalyse the idea of fun dance music without any silly fanfare, and fashionista nonsense that is so prevalent in today’s scene. They have had the honour to host sets by some legends such as Daniele Baldelli, Ajello, Fabrizio Mammarella, so after a successful summer season they were buoyed for a successful winter season – in Italy traditionally clubs close in the summer as its just too hot and the bar and festival scene kicks in.


– – –
Winter 2010-11 they brought guests such as Andrew Weatherall, (the crowds were literally in tears of ecstasy when Weatherall came to town ..) Sir Norman Jay MBE, The Glimmers , Jacques Renault, Cassian Flight Facilities and Classix. A mix of solid legends and risky new talent. In the process of running the nights , a blog and a label “Italo Italians Records” was spawned (its first release “Disco Verme” is due in January 2012). Branching out they began hosting parties in London collaborating with Campari Safari: Another Island, building a buzz around the city and preparing to find a permanent north London home to expose the good citizens of London to some hot blooded sounds

FabMayday feat Piernilove – Disco Verme

– – –
The first track “Disco Verme” (Disco Worm) is an Afro tainted disco number. The track comes with remixes from nu-disco giants Drop Out Orchestra and one of the bosses of the Italo scene in Amsterdam San Proper.. New releases after January will feature FabMayday and other Italian and Italo-friendly producers at the controls. They are also planning a limited CD run of 300 of hard to find edits of underrated songs from all over the world. (Fab. is a great collector of 60’s 45 records and Northern Soul DJ )…watch out and subscribe for updates and freebies!

For all the info watch the blog:

Last but not least in this Italian Label roundup is Danny Was a Drag King. The aforementioned Ajello (Gomma / Crimea X) team up with Hell Yeah Recordings – the giant Berlin techno and house label for a new disco offshoot label: Danny Was A Drag King.

Their niche is nu disco, neo italo and cosmic collaborations with people like Hard Ton the super size disco diva and performance artiste.

Hard Ton – Tribute to Leigh Bowery

– – –
Also on the label are people like Luminodisco from the south and Dutch Rhythm Combo, another crazy Dutch beat doctor (his works span everything from Latin to Deep House). All releases are available on lovely bassy heavy vinyl and digital for all you square eyes out there!

Next month we are off to Britain for a roundup of the weirdest and most bizarre DIY labels with broad rosters and outsider artists all keen to put their art to life in plastic.

Photo: Nicholas


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