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I didn’t really take this seriously when I saw it on pinglewood a while ago there was a photo with your man from Twin Shadow, a rather elaborate hair do and a yellow balloon and some wag had written that he looked like Richard Ayoade from the IT crowd the channel 4 comedy series and music video director- it all smelt a bit like a Chris Morris prank so I didn’t give it a listen – now I wish that id caught onto his music sooner as the music is heart wrenchingly beautiful and he seems like a charming man with pop star qualities – rare to find that these days in this slag heap of under nourished vitamin e lacking synth bashing wastrels – i read somewhere that he’s compared to a black Morrissey – that’s a bit cheap and throwaway – comparisons like that are just lazy – how about a more uptempo Leaonard Cohen !? ! the lyrics and delivery are spot on – ok that’s enough tittle tattle go buy the album from rough trade its got grizzly bear man chris taylor at the controls and together they have made a superbly blissful melancholy album Do You Like Talk Talk ? you’ll love this the slow vid is a parody of those 80s CK ads and the second one is from where I don’t know – it fits perfectly – triumphant youth walking around looking cool on the corners blazing a ree and scaring grannies on the streets – its my fave past time except im a bit old for that now and the paunch isnt a great look…. waffle waffle enough about my mispent youth in tough as nails Bournemouth…. watch and learn and buy !


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