Foglands EP BY Cuticula

Cuticula comes from Vienna, he makes eerie ambient electronic music and this is his first EP

Lead track is an eerie drum work out with a cold ambience , utilising trap style snappy drums that falter and stall and an echoey baseline, this roils and boils to make an unnerving instrumental piece

Second track struck is a more upbeat affair with rushy synths combined with trap beats.
Yellow ups the ante again with drum rolls and electro bass combined with some old skool newsreel samples
Stumble, the closer is the winning track for me, some melancholic chords introduce this soft ambient piece with paper thin phased out loloping drums and the track evolves with abrupt changes , you can definitely see the impression Warp artists have left on Cuticula.The ecstatic piano at the end leaves a lasting impression and ends on a very positive feeling. Some great ideas on this first EP from Cuticula and hope he stays in the vein of Aphex , B O C and Autechre.


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