Vercetti Technicolour – Bay Of Blood EP on Giallo Disco Records, Tension in the eurodiscos

Vercetti Technicolor’s Bay Of Blood EP rises from salt water graves upon lost voodoo cursed Islands. ‘Tropical Terror Suite I’ is a perfect introduction, vast landscapes of post apocalyptic beauty, and yet somehow the dead birds still sing. Jungle Witch Hunt’s frantic percussion mirrors your own heartbeat as you journey further into the wilderness, machete slipping from a nervous sweat. Tema Di Kerstin is it’s own lost temple, it’s own monalith… Inferno sees you face to face with a long dead beast fighting for your life. The final scene finds ‘Inferno’ remixed through the terrifying lens of Not Not Fun’s Xander Harris accentuating the cosmic disco elements into a storming dancefloor heavyweight, after the void… there is only space…

hailing from Greece, Gianni (mr vercetti ) embodies the character of Maurice Conchis from The Magus ( the conjurer of illusions ) projecting nightmareish erotic visions through the music casting a hypnotic spell upon the body and mind
check out this Legowelt remix for proof of his dark synth connectivity verifiable STATUS … IF YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF LEGOWELT you are not down with the disco darkness my friend

however the original is the killer


using horrific imagery and channeling the spirit of early films of Dario Argento and other VHS horror legends Vercetti Technicolour inhabits a darker corner of the disco … tension disco if you will his label mate Antoni Maiovvi on Giallo Disco they are about the creeping dread , you can hear that they are massive italo fans continuing the fine work performed by Den Haan and Heartbreak in keeping Italo in the publikums mind – albeit the aforementioned groups took a more hammy approach as you can see here from this performance by Heartbreak of their big track We’re Back at The Excellent bethnal Greens Working Mens Club

Den haan – ham it up in fine euro disco style with this tale of a burly seaman on shore leave…

what these fine examples all show is the deep love for the european style the strong chords and an interest in keeping that dancefloor creepy


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