Haules Baules Creeper


sniffing on that rag ….

creeper got mad and angry eyes one look can paralyze…. BUY on wax now
… a great update of the skatt bros classic walk the night .. with a remix from sean johnston as hardway bros who as you may know is behind a love from outer space which along with promoters world unknown and horse meat disco three of the best parties in london hands down

haules baules is logan fisher who has bravely entered the pressing plant and is pressing up wax and screenprinting and doing it all himself ´something of a mystery man he resides in bucharest and is a one man disco army involved in the importation of people like BLACK DEVIL DISCO CLUB , THEO PARISH, SHIT ROBOT and LONE
good work indeed , great re work of a classic and its always good to see the hotly debated CRUISING getting some attention this lesser known al pacino flick still causes raging debates …and probably some MASSDEBATES too look out ! its a patchy film and I dont think its totally what william friedkin intended but as a piece of brilliant 80s trash its a classic
dont forget to wear the right bandana and see you down the eagle !


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