Everybody’s Darling 12 .04 Club U Sebastian Schlachter, Rob Campari (ED) Manuel Dolp (ED) and Introducing Rika Rei

Everybody's Darling 12 .04  Club U Sebastian Schlachter, Rob Campari (ED) Manuel Dolp  (ED) and Introducing Rika Rei

the lovely Carina Elter ( boys beach / go ask delphi and totally wired records artiste ) found this photostory in an old issue of Bravo magazine – a kind of Smash Hits magazine this acid house photolove story was the obvious choice for next flyer

so tell a friend and come down ,true love awaits on our floor …

Now to our guest djs
we heard this mix from Sebastian Schlachter and decided we must pursue him to come play our party – he ticked all the boxes , deep knowledge of his music , good humored and up for banging the party and with no crappy moody djs publicity shots – you can hear him on the radio on FM4 generally shining a light along with other specialist shows in the evening such as Davidecks and Slack Hippy on the better stuff out there in the electronic welt.
He’s a co founder of the ever excellent Vienna Wildstyle records and with releases on the Cheap imprint and ever present radio presenter & Podcaster. An important part of the scene here in Vienna hear his amazing classic electro mix that won us over

we are also introducing a new young dj –

Rika Rei

a student living here in vienna she comes from magic Sofia Bulgaria after impressing us with her knowledge of 80s street soul and euro dance we asked her to make a mix and come play our party

this mix is more mellow than her dancefloor set and demonstrates her love for stuff like Mount Kimbie and Daphni – on the night it will be more old skool stuff so come early and give full support


so keep the acid house dream alive and JUST SAY NO to boring clubbing – no door policy or lame sponsership deals no cheeky door tax either for some overpaid traktor / ableton / robot /producer playing demo tracks he made on a plane watching Madagascar 3

get dancing on tables ,whooping and hollering and do the running man all of which are freely encouraged
its free and we only promote love and happiness to all in a ploysexual environment so come with an open mind please and respect the dancers around you for they are your brothers and sisters and one day we will all be free


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March 19, 2013 · 12:37 pm

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