Donau Festival Preview

Donau Festival rolls round again to give Austria another unhealthy dose of outsider art and music in the bucolic ancient roman settlement of Krems – for nearing 10 years this festival has brought legends to host and to play with their various bands , create projects and collaborations in various venues all over the kleine stadt including Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth , John Cale (Velvet Underground ) , Genesis P Orridge ( Throbbing Gristle Pyschic TV) , Jason Pierce ( Spiritualized , Space Man 3 ) and Kenneth Anger to name a few.

In a deeply conservative town there are more shocking visual and sonic attacks to be found and this year promises all out war on the eyeballs and ears – here’s my faves (I’m a bit biased as I’ve worked for them and helped bring Ariel Pink , Gold Panda and this Year Hype Willams through Campari Safari Booking )

top of the list Is Omar Souleyman

cant wait to do the shoulder dance

Next is the deeply disturbing ambient death march music of Raime

A techno Legend who arguably gave birth to the curse of minimal Robert Hood ( albeit his stuff is the real shit )

horror sci fi dystopians Gatekeeper shock with their new material concerning haywire abusive automatons and more – hopefully will play the old horror italo stuff too

psychedelic disco funk jam band and hugely influential for the disco constant evolution !!!

play an epic set

and last but not least my pet project ..Ive been wanting to put them on for years and the time is right they insist on a huge bass system able to trouble your innards and enough smoke and lazers to take you the OTHER SIDE

Hype Williams

this is them in slow haunting dub …

ooh and also BEAK ( Geoff Barrow from Portishead and Bristol top man , Death Grips and Girls Against Boys with David Yow ( Jesus Lizard ) and loads more

tickets get yer tickets!


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