Mile Me Deaf @ Catch, London for Radio Free Europe 16 12 12

haven’t been blogging a while but you should go see this band this sunday if you are in London as they are a bit good in my opinion. Mile Me Deaf @ Catch On Shoreditch High street near kebab zero ! chaos corner thats the facebook link and its 5 on the doors say hello to the promoter he’s a nice man and will be pushing shows under the banner Radio Free Europe presenting new euro bands on tour in the UK

walking maze – pretty obvious that they love Dinosaur Jnr and thats no bad thing , crunchy guitar and a bit of Sonic Youth

there’s something more though as they have a good sense for pop as you can hear here Wild At Heart sounding a bit like Yo La Tengo in a way – hope they experiment a bit more and move away from the plaid 90s rock maybe have a stab at some Stereolab ??

they are on Siluh / Fett Kakao a pair of Austrian indie labels who are putting out some noice stuff and put on good gigs in Vienna

Here’s a couple of picks from the labels

Crazy Bitch In A Cave (Fett Kakao ) who I hated on first listen when i saw them live ( particularly gauche performance arty stuff going on with feathers and tin foil – hello Fad Gadget without the tunes! – drop the performance art Vienna music people! gah! )

but this wobbly electronic piece is pretty great and nice rushy chords so got to give them a fair go and keep checking on back for more stuff

siluh records have a pretty big roster and are doing well by the looks of it this stands out Luise Pop – Speedboat it rollicks along alot like a speedboat and crashes into an abrupt end – love an abrupt ending


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