spiral tribe, searching for the fall out from the sprials , sprial thoughts and free parties in vienna – somethings brewing in sleepy town and it aint coffee!

Whilst going over posts from the ever excellent http://freepartypeople.wordpress.com/
the article is about a torpedo town rave and there is precious little records of this event I noticed it mentions a guy called chris terminator – having owned records by chris liberator this really interested me to learn that the terminator a member of the spiral tribe ( the darkside version of chris liberator ??) once ran off with all the advance ticket sales from a planned event at brixton academy and dashed it all on crack! from what i can garner this kind of caper was pretty common with members going awol all over europe despite achieving so much in terms of a real cultural cyber punk movement with raves such as castle morton and kick starting the teknivals its a real shame that the drug intake splintered the organisation but they live on out there in europe unfortunately the music is a bit wubbish! …. anyway there is manifold info on spiral tribe !

Googling further to try and find out more about The man Like Terminator I came across a blog by a guy called jim clarke who writes a little about chris terminator mentioning that he had a claw stump like hand ?

look at this bollox – loads of money spent on an police operation for a tiny party –

I continued reading his funny accounts of life in london its music scene and life around bethnal green where i once dwelled with Eli the better half – have a read they are great and share a similar style to Simon Reynolds – is it an alter ego ? http://emeralddaze.blogspot.co.at/2003_09_01_archive.html its eventually hosted at simon reynolds bliss blog which makes me wonder … http://blissout.blogspot.co.at

Speaking of sound systems here in Vienna there has been some great events from an outfit called Tanz Durch Den Tag they have somehow managed to evade the cops and keep putting on excellent events with nice deep house and bits of disco and real house – a winning alternative to the clean berlin / tech house monotony that prevails here – there’s not much info on the crew which is probably for the best but the two events ive attended have been buzzing and full of friendly ravers and largely not full of skank bag ketamine fuck heads ( although there was one nightmare drunk guy at the first one i went to last may under the bridge in the prater allee although he was pretty harmless and pretty much everyone just ignored him ) they have quite a small system but its clear and powerful enough for up to 500 people and I prefer it to mega systems and all importantly its not boring as fuck cliched tekno and all the pyseudo hippy crap that comes with it – this crew are artful , culturally engaged and positive as opposed to the fuck it all attitude of some systems & they put in a fair bit of effort into the look and feel of the event check their flickr

and their locations are pretty fucking audacious ! imagine trying to get away with this in Cameron’s Britian ! this is right in the centre of Vienna at the Donau Kanal – equivalent I guess to throwing a party on the thames near vauxhall ( although reclaim the beach have been managing it for a while in london further down the river but with slightly shit music – wub step and mental D&B )

reclaim the beach


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