JACK ! for it is he that is Soft Riot (Tundra Dubs) – a scholar and producer in the minimal wave / cold wave (or just synth music to be democratic ) scene that is currently rockn n sockn europe right now ,or rather gently pulsing out of cities inclined to darker synthetic pleasures . Hailing originally from Vancouver, Canada he has been residing in London for over 6 years now making music after being involved in harder guitar music of the hardcore shouty variety . Extremely talented both musically and visually this is his latest project and as I’m still very uneducated to this area of music ( living in Vienna im getting more exposure to it ). I’m not going to put lots of reference points to it except that it reminds me of Caberet Voltaire at the most queasy black funked best . get this ep you will love it and all his works

so word , 24, 24 hours a day celebrating Soft Riot – see him play live along with fellow Londoner Női Kabát and SELOFAN (Fabrika) at the ever excellent Future Echo @ fluc 23/6/12 – this saturday – its a frei spende / pay as you see fit – and I must say that this event is worth over 20 euro per person it really is world beatingly good line up – an icy blast of cold electronics is just what is needed in this heat

TALKING OF THIS HEAT ! this is a great video


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