Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Witchhunt Suite for WWIII Animal Charm Arts

I’m not going to write about the music too much as countless people are already wifflin and wafflin away.  I find the visual content to be the perfect accompaniment to this message.

The thing that I like about Ariel Pink/Animal Charm’s use of 80s and 90s tape is the use of really mundane imagery. What I feel when watching it, is that the tangible world is completely faked. We are inured to violence we dont see it as real – America / Britain’s war / The West’s constant war is just a movie script now playing endlessly on networked news we cant see an end. Slowly inwardly western culture is eating itself . The end of days, a creepy sense of dread and I just generally feel a grim fascination watching all that imagery and the jarring sound and the eerie refrain ” We Got Him We Got him, We Got Him.”

Using found imagery cut and spliced together pastiching the dumb fucking bull shit that we see everyday like Macdonalds adverts – Soundbites drift in and out of the mix – see the plastic cheese and plastic meat, hear the voice rapping saying “we at macdonalds are here to make you happy.” Through … plastic cheese …. Ariel Pink and Animal Charm are tapping into the ideas of someone like Paul Mcarthy  or Jenny Holzer  or any number of visual artists  making high art  or accessible art (art for all ? art in the digital world / endless copies / could go on forever about this …) about  the visual culture that surrounds our every  second like smearing nutella all over your cerebral cortex in the 16 minutes of the film …incidentally  a giant inflatable dog turd Paul Mcarthy installed in a swiss art show flew away in a storm and bizarrely smashed up a childrens nurseries nearly killing the children inside –  giant dog turd art attack ! horrible strange and true ban this filth!   …

Back to the video.
The constant barrage of imagery comes up with some constants and iconography. Where the west is the crusading avenger Batman. Batman being the perfect emblem of how strange western culture is, full of bizarre messages and totemic imagery. A man dressed head to toe in black spandex, saving lives and defeating enemies of freedom, whilst living a double life as a charitable business man? Batman is now a live stage show as well as every other form of franchise – a very kid friendly package of Bondage S&M themes – So Ariel  – Genuis or piss taker – maybe a bit of both … who isnt these days? … I cant get enough of Haunted Grafitti its perfect pop and I deeply regret that I didnt go to see him in Bristol when Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti played for Ileagal Seagull (Brilliant DIY Bristol promoters )  

Digressing again!  The dominant culture is what comes across through all the clips. The might of America  .We got him, we got him, we got him. I cant get that out of my head now and that to me is perfect pop something melodic that stays with you . He’s a talented artist and collaborator on all levels maybe a genuis and an exciting conduit for lots of other great music – I would never of heard of R stevie moore if it wasn’t for him and and channeling themes of dislocation and alienation in these END OF DAYS (say it in  Arnie accent) we live in… put simply an artist making interesting semiotics and sound in a palpable form that is easy to take in – a gateway to a whole world of other interesting music

Really hoping to hear from the guy/girl who made the video … ANIMAL CHARM

watch and enjoy for what it is and other Animal Charm Vid hits – great video art – no questions answered – TV OD!


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