The link between Becoming Real & Nick Papadimitriou. Deep Topography

Im going to write about the musician Becoming Real – Toby Ridler – It has been my pleasure to book and promote and spend some time with in Vienna- a charming , modest and erudite musician – download these recent remixes he did for FACT of Dam Mantle and Blonde Red Head and buy his music here get the wax jack

His music is ideal for the dancefloor ( if you can keep up and foot werk it out ) and head noddingly infectious equally great for looming around dark urban places with your headphones strapped on

Here’s a vid from the Campari Safari /TBA Vienna gig way back in Jan at Market …. the venue was freezing ! Not too many people came out to witness him and the previously written about D/R/U/G/S but Wien is like that in january nasty cold that chills you to the very core and makes for very hard work as a promoter …

He has mentioned in an article in the Guardian New Band Of the day that he walks alot and finds inspiration from the strange spaces in London and translates it into making ghostly unnerving music …

Someone who does alot of walking and recording and cataloging strange spaces is Nick Papadimitriou. You can watch and learn a bit about him here and the background of pyschogeography and what Nick Calls Deep Togpography …from the wilds of the hinterlands Nick looks at the minutae of the countryside or the space just outside the city cutting and roving in the borderlands there’s a documentary featuring Will Self and Ian Sinclair and RusselL Brand talking about him ....The London Perambulator


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