SEVERINO (Gomma / Horse Meat Disco ) @ TBA LOVE CLUB 24/3 Market club Vienna

Severino- haling from Mantova, Northern Italy. At the age of 26 he made the move to London where his job was record buyer for Italian Disco Label, Disco Inn.
In 1998 Severino decided to make a step into club promotion. His first venture was with friends Rob Wood (of the legendary dance music magazine Jockey Slut) and Michael Morley (Zomba Records) under the name Happy Families.

Starting out in the bars of east London it wasn’t long til they were rocking a room at Fabric on a regular basis severino soon met Jim Stanton and was playing venues like Crash and AM legendary gay clubs known as much for their wild non stop debauchery as much as the dj talent from the london scene.

Jim Stanton and James Hillard along with Luke Howard and Severino started Horse Meat Disco proper in 2003 pushing old and new disco, nrg and house plus the deeper and darker disco sound and the cosmic sound of italian disco regualry attracting big names known for their love of disco like Derrick Carter, James Murphy and Dimitri From Paris to name a few. since then it has grown into a huge iconographic Club with world tours festival fields ( Glastonbury and Love Box with NYC Downlow – the best thing to happen to festivals ! the moveable NYC Back Street Nightclub complete with steam , poppers and burley leather daddies !) and mix cds representing the best in London Club Culture keeping its strong gay identity but welcoming to all .

Horse Meat Disco still runs every Sunday at The Eagle In Vauxhall South London packing them into this darkened pub complete with strobes, lazers and a huge sound-system the NY disco sound meets the Rimini Italo sound spliced with the grimy down and dirty London nightlife scene – a winning combination that’s gone round the world from club to festival making people smile and raise it up.

in their own words Horse Meat Disco is dedicated to the industry of human happiness

Severino has plans for more productions check out bounce which was featured on the recent gomma compilation Italian House Now!

severinos sets take in house disco classic house italo and feature a nice amount of piano and chunky house skippy beats – joyful – check out a recent mix from him

We Campari Safari and our friends Club Hot Shit plan to see alot more of Severino in Vienna and more classic acid and disco fiends like him – watch out Vienna! we going to go back! Giant disco balls and joyful piano lines are coming to crush the Minimal tyranny – get ready to get happy , we command you to Jack !


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