ONI AYHUN 26 2 11 @ Enix Pratersauna Vienna + Wolfram & Hercules and Love Affair – Fireworks track + Felix The House Rat

posted Oni Ayhun before when he came to play at Bleed Music at XOYO in London back in October but reason to post again is because ENIX another great promoter based in Vienna are putting him on Felix and Wolfram (Marflow) are two disco devil dogs with a great reputation for booking legendary stuff No abelton bores in sight – ive had the pleasure of djing with them and not only are they wise gents but excellent party rockers with a formidable knowledge of dance music and who play a broad spectrum of jacking house , acid, disco , italo and stuff that to my ears is hard to place

Wolfram Amadeus has been putting stuff out on Gomma as Discokaine / Marflow ( i cant keep up!) and now an album and singles on Permanent Vacation and has worked with greats such as Sally Shapiro, Andrew Butler from Hercules and Love Affair and Vienna’s synth daddy Patrick Pulsinger – he actually hooked up the great marriage of Hercules with Pulsinger and you can hear the effects on the new Hercules Album. + theres a certain Mr Haddaway on Wolframs Album – yes what is love Haddaway – gorgeous! here’s Fireworks which sounds like a great end of the nighter to keep you rushing and gnashing ! buy the ep as we all know its better on wax …

here’s a snatch from the press release

“Fireworks” is the first single from the highly acclaimed self titled debut album by Wolfram Eckert aka Wolfram. It features nobody else than one of the biggest disco pop phenomena of recent times on the mic: Hercules and Love Affair. This collaboration is no accident, but a result of a long friendship between Wolfram and Andy Butler from H&LA. Wolfram was also the guy who introduced Andy to Patrick Pulsinger in Vienna, who later coproduced the Hercules and Love affair Album “Blue Songs”. On the Euro Dance infected song “Fireworks”, Andy and his band colleague Kim Ann Foxman present a stunning emotionally charged performance, refurbishing the torch song genre with a contemporary touch of sparkling synthesizer melodies: Once in the ear forever in the heart. ”

buy it here

Anyway back to Oni not that he needs much more promo he’s already pretty well know for the OTHER project – as Oni his stuff is amazing! dreamy a little trancey long build ups soft pads – im no expert but it makes you fly! here’s the best track – now go see! sat 26th pratersauna ( beefed up system!)


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