THEE FACTION gig Half Moon 21st jan + Album – At Ebbw Vale – RED OR DEAD!

Thee Faction make socialist scary filthy rough R&B … a one Billy Reeves ( Guilty Pleasures DJ and a FACE ) formerly of theaudience ( top pop fronted by the last great starlet of the 90s sophie ellis bextor) and the frankly exceptional Friends Of The Bride ( Bobby Grindrod singer with FOTB’s first band The Fog Band were one of the first bands lil ol campari booked at the cube cinema…)

anyway enough of the past ! This looks like a good old knees up at The Half Moon in Putney which is near the the local lib dems office ( a stones-throw!) and a lovely historical venue that was facing closure and conversion to another fucking Gastro Pub – luckily grass roots support from music lovers including some old bunch of gets called the Rolling Stones changed the brewery’s minds and they were saved ! YAY ! ( the brewery is one associated with a rather inferior ale )

Heres a bit of historical info on the venue …..

“this exciting birth of a new kind of music venue, at a time of musical revolution in London led to many memorable nights in the venue. John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Alexis Korner, The Yardbirds – anyone who was anyone in the emerging blues scene made an appearance here and at other South London venues such as The Eel Pie club and The Crawdaddy.

As blues and folk thrived bringing the likes of Fairport Convention and Van Morrison, so other genres began to appear. From the psychedelia of The Bonzo Dogg Doo Dah Band and Bob Kerr’s Whoopee Band; to sixties mod groups The Pretty Things and Nashville Teens; to early pub-rock acts like Dr Feelgood; the Halfmoon was the centre of not only the emerging music scenes but continued to host the big names.”

anyway enough about them old gits what the fuck is this gig all about …

THE DDR of R’n’B

THEE FACTION + THE NUNS ( all female covers band of german garage legends the monks )

Fri 21st Jan
93 Lower Richmond Road
London SW15 1EU
020 8780 9383

The Faction are all about stirring up shit in these are bleak old times so get out and get educated comrades !

+ The Nuns are going to blow you away with their monastic garage – kicks! habits! revolt!

check em

check out who inspired The Nuns – what a bunch of brilliant nuts – they all had the monk hair cut – now that’s commitment! and listen to the proto pysche kraut whig out … army station brats stationed in germany making freaky jams like this ….stuff yer green day up yer arse this is punk

here’s some instruments of the press trying to get down with Thee Faction – I jest – the great and the good of the press and a pop starlet as mentioned above are lining up to pour applause ( how bourgeois ) on it

“As good as ‘Slade Alive’. Yes, THAT good”. Chris Roberts (venerable rock critic, The Guardian et al)

“Timely. I love these mad bastards.. ! ” (4/5) Simon Price, The Independent on Sunday

(Union Man/Proletarian Man #23 in Price’s ‘Tracks of 2010′

“..a remarkable record” Sophie Ellis-Bextor, singer

“I have always been particularly fond of this lot” Gideon Coe, BBC 6Music

“…the greatest band I have ever seen” Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Les Inrockupitables

“The future is unpleasant Socialist R’n’B” Patrick Neate, Whitbread award-winning novelist

“Dr Feelgood meets Citizen Smith” BBC Three Counties

“What a cracking record” Paul Brannigan of Kerrang!

“It’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at. And At Ebbw Vale is a good place to be” (9/10) …Is This Music?

“They’re back!..blistering socialist R&B with an explicit political agenda. Right on!” Last FM

“TOUGH!” John Robb, writer and expert in this field

“Quite the most brilliant Socialist R’n’B album I’ve heard all year” PopBitch

hear a preview here

buy it here

or download a few tracks for a limited time only but buy it – you rotters !


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