D/R/U/G/S do Good Things to Your Lugs (holes)

Hello 2011 looks like there’s going to be more great stuff made with cheap tech and put out there via the interweb – this year i have to make something a bit more advanced than a 25 minute mini mix ( self flagellating oneself with a copy of sound on sound magazine)

anyway enough of my electronic ambitions heres D/R/U/G/S with some loaded questions ahead of their trip down to One Party State the electronic oasis in a world of Trilbey wearing tossers at the Barfly on tonight! – D/R/U/G/S grew up on Underworld , Warp Records , Eno, Boards of canada and Aphex Twin by the sounds of it and have been making tunes / remixes with Egyptian Hip Hop those fellow Mancunian candidates for greatness – unlike Delphic these guys actually take you to ecstatic places with their music

here’s an interview slightly leaning towards the opinion that England is a bit shagged out – we need another summer of Love ! bring on the power pingers drug lords of holland and russia!

Have you ever been to an outdoor rave / free party / warehouse event that was DIY and was it good ?

Nah, we don’t mix with those crowds ie people with the money to put something like that on. I think you get shit like that happening
in places like Oxford, not grime cities like Manchester and London. There’s this big feeling especially in Manchester among people our age
of having missed out on some golden generation of rave or whatever, i dont see it like that at all.

What do you think of Tiesto / Swedish House Mafia / Guetta et al

These are like massive mainstream dance guys right? I couldnt say ive ever heard any of their beats although I probably will have done while walking past some hideous bar where people with jobs go. I can’t deal with that production style at all, super compressed pounding beats, the synths all squelched into a huge mess of sound.

What do you think of the idea of conscription ( compulsory social work/army ) I live in Austria and they still have it and it seems to keep the young uns busy– I think its a pretty good idea but then again i wouldn’t want to do it!

Im not sure that arming and training the feral youth of this country to run faster is such a good idea.

Do you like Britain in 2010 ?

Nope. Too many people leaving angry Youtube comments. Few people our age even seem interested in anything creative. It’s all fucked.
We are so far away from what we could be its untrue.

Do you think we are going to see the end of the world or serious discomfort for us spoilt westerners ?.

Most westerners live in serious discomfort, at least in this country. The wealth % split is outrageous.

Is there a point in voting anymore ? Could you give a rats assssss

I think last year just about summed it up, you vote Lib Dem and get Tory. The agenda is clearly already set. No matter who you vote for
they’re guaranteed to be capitalist scum fucks out to line the pockets of whoever paid for them to get there in the first place.

questions OVER!

well there you go – erudite and angry young men disenfranchised with the UK – time to find the Neu Welt when the government no longer serves the people – just leave and get adopted by a new one – I dont want to sound preachy but since i moved away i realize what a shit pit the UK is. Sorry! thers lots to Love but for me … nah too many DFS sales and constant barrage of people trying to skank you, shank you an what not … rant over

anyway shameless plug -go see them tonight 8/01 /11 barfly

and in Austria 27th Jan at Market TBA Love Club with Becoming Real! whoop – big line up with Metaxis too from austro land

check here with TBA mag


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