Getting to know people really well in hot sweaty rooms is a pastime that’s not going away soon as long as there’s people like ears have eyes and body hammer as I mentioned before in a previous post they eschew big name bookings and keep it simple with word of mouth and low level promotion and do their utmost to keep it friendly and intimate with amazing visuals and a relaxed attitude to health and safety and smoking laws. Good parties dont often happen in big clubs least not in my experience in the last 2 or 3 years bar the odd night at fabric from adventures in the beetroot filed or kill em all but back to the point. Ears Have Eyes parties have no corporate influence its a hot sweaty room of your friends or friends to be and a classic line up of musical enthusiasts and a broad musical palette from post punk to punk funk weird jazz bits and bobs good bits of tech house disco old and new , warm techno and jacking material you really should investigate more and sign up and find out http://www.earshaveeyes.blogspot.com/
Mr Jack and Honorary Campari Safari dj is a resident with one of the best collections and pair of ears for a groove

heres a deep techy acidy mix from him

their next party will be a Caroline True Records party which has some real legends read on ….

Ears Have Eyes Present a Caroline True Records Party Wednesday, 10 November 2010

We at EHE are very excited to present a Caroline True Records party at our favorite secret east London hangout on Saturday 27th November.
Joining the EHE residents on the night will be:

John K (CTR)
Mark Fellows (CTR)
Steve Walsh (CTR/Manicured Noise)


Caroline True Records is inspired by all the great records that we’ve all listened to late at night over time. CTR has collaborated with many people in it’s first 5 years including Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, Fred Deakin of Airside and Lemon Jelly, Rob Lloyd from punk legends the Prefects and later Independent Musical legends and Peel favourites the Nightingales. Also,Jon Savage, Punk Rock authority and national cultural treasure, currently making an album of Post-Punk favourites (and not yet faves) with CTR. Young and fresh Bronx based DJ and remixers of great current note Pocketknife and Cousin Cole are also label advocates.

The plan is-there is no plan. No marketing agenda. No niche. We have fans too. Lawrence from post-Punk legends Felt/Denim and Ben Thompson-journo extraordinaire come to mind..Hey-we’ll see what happens-right?

CTR’s DJ musical agenda stretches from Post-Punk and Dub through to Disco and way beyond.

Steve Walsh will be amongst the Djs on the evening. Ex NME and Zig-Zag writer and vocalist/guitarist with early eighties/Late seventies punk-funk leaders Manicured Noise. Original co-founder of The Flowers Of Romance along with Sir Sid Vicious and Keith Levene of P.I.L . A rennaisance man. So good that P.I.L even named a track after them.

Manicured Noise:

Manicured Noise were a late seventies/early eighties Manchester based group. They released two singles and recorded a BBC Radio session before they split. They were rediscovered and re-assessed a couple of years ago with the CTR Northern Stories 1978-80 compilation which gained some great reviews from all over the world. Since then the band has seized the attention globally of very many music lovers and Djs -with a strong Argentinian MN fanbase owing in some part to the connection with the Argentine 80’s Punk/Reggae superstar Luca Prodan. Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly / Airside has remixed their tracks – along with current NYC Disco enfant – terriblesPocketknife and Cousin Cole. “Faith” remains a classic 7″ of the Post-Punk period.

“Metronome” has enjoyed repeated plays on London and NYC dancefloors:



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