hold tight theres a lot to read here !
I’M feeling wistful for pounding bass from free parties/ i need a time machine to take Wild Geese Touch back, way back and hear this coming out of a 100 k rig somewhere in the hampshire /dorset/ someset region with the sun coming up and in a misty field and buzzing on a yellow callie or a rhubarb and custard. I fucking love playing this out after 3 months but the fact that are hardly any ecstatically enhanced people out here in Vienna out there to get the full effect is saddening – Come on Wien get on one feel this! book em book em Market or Enix ! feel the plaintive horns at 6.00 wish it would go on forever…. top buzz nice1 bring that e sunshine indoors somebody please if you are in london you can hear them at one of the great tayos tracksuit parties along with david rodigan and amazing dj on the rise roxanne roll who puts on parties with vim and is a top selector parties details here apparently there’s free beer !!

here’s an older remix they did Do The Right Thing from Metronomy

check their chart on phonica and buy buy buy its all fresh, all popping with stuff like the new Model 500 which track ‘Huesca’ will make you fly e lightened or not and that’s for another post of misty eyed waffling about the godfathers ….

speaking of acid house spirit keepers of the flame …
check Body Hammer taking their name from the
japanese cyber punk classic tetsuo- the body hammer rough raw vintage acid from Joe Hart from bloc weekend and if im not mistaken a man I have had the great pleasure to dj and natter with about classic tunes – Paul Purgas from Bristol a very passionate acid man who has productions under the name Empty Set he djed a very basic Campari Safari in the bar of the croft with Duncan from Underscore a brilliant crew of techno and dubstep promoters from Bristol who are sorely missed! i really regret not going to more of their parties as they had killer line ups and im only just getting back in touch with classic techno….

check this terrible flyer that was knocked up by me in two minutes ! real underscore parties were however amazing with people like bodycode kode 9 sleeparchive scion and an early supporter of dubstep heavy weight pinch – who played a party in Vienna recently


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