mini mix for november

Heres some techno from the past and newish stuff from the last year Mark Broom particularly great and Slam still slammin and Hardfloor acperience still sounding like a thousand stallions pummelling your botty into the ground

the twin boys of Durr Erols Gonzales rework of Never Stop and Rory Phillips Robyn edit /mix that never fails to get ladeeez on the floor – because you cant beat a plaintive vocal and an eerie synth line

Joris Voorn – The Secret
Hardfloor – Acperience
Slam – Maffaking
Gonzales – Never Stop Erol Alkan mix
Robyn – With Every Heartbeat Rory Phillips Mix
Mark Broom – Raincheck Remix
Kenny Larkin-Glob Claude Von Stroke Mix
Theo Parrish – Falling Up Carl Craig Mix


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Filed under classics, electronic, Meat Market, Techno, vienna, Wien

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