Air Castles – Worlds Apart

here’s what the papers say

“Spirited, piano-driven melancholia…well worth hearing” – Guardian

“Very National-esque. wine sodden miserablism” – ATTN

“Lush, dreamy…unconventional pop” – Metro

“Sublime crystalline indie” – Rock Sound

More Swedish excellence here – AIR CASTLES Rousing grand driving down a highway full panorama sound stuff – comparisons have been made to The National – that’s wildly inaccurate – the subject matter maybe about love breaking down but you can hear an optimism in the soaring music and without wanting to sound trite single Worlds Apart signifies a new beginning a rebirth if you will which is more than The National imparts love them as much as I do, but who could wallow for so long in their mire of gooey self loathing

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Air Castles is the alter-ego of 22-year-old Swedish born
singer-songwriter Max Mansson.

Air Castles’ debut EP “Night and Day” was recorded and produced at
Tonteknik Recording in Umeå, Sweden, by Magnus Lindberg of Cult of
Luna and released in December 2008 on Winter Hymns Records.

2009 was spent writing new songs and playing sporadic shows in the UK
and Spain with the likes of Shearwater, Retribution Gospel Choir and

Encouraged by the positive response to the EP, Max returned to
Tonteknik Recording in December 2009. The result was 10 track album
‘Lights’. The first single from the album is due in February 2011.


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