void music – Geneva Jacuzzi – http://www.myspace.com/genevajacuzzi

Im completely madly totally in love with this – Geneva Jacuzzi – the art is spot on, the sounds evoke all my favorite memories of Wet British weekends just after christmas watching something like POB
Here’s POB – poor kids these days with no POB !

or the much maligned but completely genius Terrahawks chomping on a kit kat/twix/breakaway or other biscuit chocolate meld ..its shamelessly retro – off key naive sounds – the sound of a future that never arrived with hover boards and automaton housing units by 2005… wheres my hover board!

track Group DYNAMIC is like a little bit of tom tom club with aux 88 or The Egyptian Lover … smelted down in some mystic forgery …in a yurt in the Gobi desert tripping on 2 drops with Lynch in control of the flux capacitor speaking of which…. christ what a load of drivel ive written !

buy something of her site or go see her shows in Europe im hoping she does a show in Vienna or im going to have to cough up the cash myself and book her in … trouble is some god damned idjut fucked my last invoice .. GRRR so its only schnitzel once a week for me … Fritzl schnitzel in the celler …ooof sorry must edit this!

Anyballz…. i have a massive fan boy crush on everything she does and I hope you will spend your pennies on some great art ( and it is art much more exciting than any old 4 hour shit you’ll see in some gallery like bill viola or bruce nauman) and go see her showwzzzz – is it Ariel Pink or is Geneva Jacuzzi Ariel Pink ?who gives a rat fuck!!!! they are both brilliant


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