date line London 2010 Autumn – Bleed at XOYO – Oni Ayhun – on half of The Knife who made a record I regularly take joy in playing and enrapturing some and boring the pants of others – Oar 3 side b go to xoyo on the 29th oct and fly away to this its totes waves of chill balls bros – no its really good and beautiful

and here’s a recording from the Donau Festival in Austria ( where i live ) – i cant believe i missed that – ich must lernen deutsch!

hes playing for Bleed the new night from casper c and benedict bull who ran high horse at the T Bar (RIP T bar) and bloggers delight which can be found at the lock tavern where this campari beast used to reside and also many a tope fest inc field day and clubs around the country – top resident staff, top booking top techno /electronic stuff to get lost in .. tix here

looks great – good to see some bold booking there

talking of bold booking Market in Nasch market Vienna looks bold and gold they have Actress, DJ Deep Tensnake and loads more coming

Tensnake is on the 15th Oct that man is blowing up big time, very astute programming and itll be good to see him play in somewhere with a proper night club feel and the people behind this club Market are djs and promoters who are exciting and taking risks and not branding it – DIY and Underground vibesssss … lots of preeners out there and not enough dancers … get involved and informed here and here on their blog


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