Swedish pop bomb alert!

Introducing the new Swedish pop sensation Pippa Marias, who formed in London when the future band members moved into the same flat in Dalston in January 2010. The Gothenburg-bred electro/pop quartet
With a growing fan base, the band are making headway in London and have just been voted ‘Band of the Month’ on Sweden’s Tastemaker radio channel (P3) for September, without a record release in their home country (yet). Pippa Marias have also been featured on Best of Myspace and their lead track ‘Shut Your Mouth’ has been championed by influential Swedish DJ Pelle Moeld. This October will see them play the main stage at the Freeze festival alongside Pendulum and Mark Ronson and former One Party State smashers Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs .

They write snappy lyrics , they’re masters of rhythm and delivery they look 200% better than your average dalston fixie riding synth basher … and they dont take themselves too seriously given these lyrics

“Baby, you are my smack and you’ve given me a heart attack”

“Sweating like Sahara colder than Alaska”

To date Pippa Marias have been taken under the management wing of Andy Ross and what he doesnt know about pop groups and how to have a hit you could write on the back of an ol penny black

They’ll be play One Party State next Saturday along with Filthy Boy (Winners of the Vice /Koppaburg Clash and more on them next week ) Infadels DJ ( Wall Of Sound ) and more …


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