campari safari darker and colder …Phantom , Cold In Berlin and The Fauns @ Barfly 2/10/10

heres a line up of darkness for the shorter nights with some faves we’ve been into for a while like PHANTOM
“Smoke & Mirrors” Album Review September 2010
“…able to approach songwriting in a manner somewhere between film soundtrack composers and gleeful dada experimentalists, while at the same time never sacrificing accessibility or dramatic structure…Measure by measure, drop by drop, Elsie Martin is redefining London Gothic for the second decade of the twenty-first century” quoted the ever excellent The Quietus

visit their site in the link above and get a mp3

now watch these vids from Phantom, Cold In Berlin and The Fauns

watch a slightly histrionic yet exciting cold in berlin here …

and a beautiful Vid From The Fauns

Cold In Berlin are a bit like Suicide slashing into Siouxsie Sioux and having a scrap with Mark E Smith minus the dentures or thereabouts – lots of influences and it all works well especially on stage – fierce and authoritative

new band from Bristol ( and there’s alot at the mo – at last! the weed fog has lifted! see also Call The Doctor for a brilliant guitar band from Bristol )

The Fauns warm up with thier gorgeous slow dive style beautiful shoe gaze made of pure phase and lusty vocals just how truegaze should be – yep truegaze!

or according to le big mac of indie

“They cite people like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Ride as their influences… It’s a very pretty record in some places, quite powerful in others.”

their video for lovestruck shows how beautiful Bristol can look with a good hd cam and makes me long to be back in Montpelier/Stokes croft /St Pauls and Easton. bit on the bike thats richmond road where i used to live and a certain moody member of massive attack does ! hey fact fans ! ….

anyway what a load of waffling! the singer is so gorgeous as well in her look and voice as well – mesmerizing ! really want to see this band grow and grow and the video is so well put together fits perfectly … bands should get in touch with the director now!
so come see them at barfly camden 02 10 10 and remember winters almost here its time to get back in dirty venues watching visceral live music not giving in to the endless tide of SHIT out there ! print a page of this waffle and get in for a fiver

event here


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