Dark melancholy rock made by handsome young men from London introducing ….Red Drapes

its creepy, it’s unnerving and its a charmingly vain look into the past wet cold winter through the protagonist’s eyes , in the song a man walks along cold lonely streets seeking some human warmth , finding no comfort in viewing his streaked cracked reflection in windows and parked cars he laments through plaintive echoing guitars and an eerie voice. The visual imagery used in it’s verses are the stuff of classic British ennui …. a great big hollow deathly sound

its an artful video the band are confident ….measured movements and just enough longing imparted through the eyes …. the song and video stay with you…… its haunting refrain “no one comes out in the rain” spirals on long after listening … singer Adam has an arresting voice and look ….the guitars chime with the feeling of some lost highway … like the bleak A1 leading out of the city of its setting …. a hatful of hollow like the Holloway Road ? maybe some of the dead passing spirits of leapers of Archway who couldn’t make it to the lodge from the Suicide Bridge got into the guitar that shimmers like the greatest theme music in the world…. watch this remarkable moving clip of Angelo Badalamenti explaining the theme to Twin peaks if you arn’t moved at least to mirth and then shared tear jerking joy by this you’re as dead as the above mentioned leapers …. oh and watch the vid made by callytimecat beautiful hypnotic stuff – check out the other vids too great matching of visuals with the music

Hows Annie …..


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