art by Moden Love

When Love at Death Beach were young, they never needed anyone. Love at Death Beach thought making love was just for fun.

Those days are gone.

Living alone, they think of all the friends they’ve known. Yet, tragically, when they dial the telephone, nobody is home.

Weep for Love at Death Beach. It’s what they’d have wanted.

Contact their love-lorn asses at

Thats from them – I really like Reginald i cant remember what it reminds me of – its the guitars and the vocal delivery – made up of some great bands inc Fury of The Head Teachers and The Slow Blade down from Sheffield on the 26th of June with The Whip djing at One Party State @ Camden Barfly should be a lovely time

here mein herrs und fraus haveLove At Death Beach – Reginald they said its ok to bung a few out there

Expect to hear them on the great Jon Kennedy’s XFM show soon (IE the only good thing left apart from The Remix on XFM) and the man that knows every new thing and has brought many a young thing to the attention of the nation is liking them DJ/Promoter/Writer/Nice guy – Ollie Russian go have a read of his Great Escape Round Up and stuff about music that comes his way mostly great and sorts the swag from the fruity budzzzzz


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