The Natural Disasters is the project of Fabio Calzolari, resident dj and art director of the biblical night “Friday I’m in Rock” in Perugia Italy and of the itinerant disco electro night “I Hate 80’s“. ( of which i will djing for with him in the Sierra Mountains Near Perugia)
He offers his personal vision of music and of the world, between African instruments and 80’s pop, cosmic sound and chinese guitars.Always looking to the sky, and listening to the heart. Thier natural home is somewhere between Madchester and Bamako, Lhasa and Wigan.

I might add that they sound huge live and are capable of bringing mass ecstatic waves of pleasure and that Fab is a brilliant dj and former Mod ( who still keeps the flame burnin) who has traveled extensively around the UK and Italy to Mod rallys and got involved with the scene but is now looking to the future as a dj and producer interested in channeling italo , disco acid house and sounds from around the world to create rhythmic joyful music that celebrates the fine tradition of dancing til dawn with arms aloft praising the old gods

Go and Download the EP for Free Here!

To book them get in touch with Fab on Fabio Calzolari They are looking for dates in Manchester , Nottingham , Bristol, Brighton and Glasgow They will Be Playing at One Party State in April at Camden Barfly


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