Im sure there’s enough already being written about Gold Panda but shiiiiittttt I think it needs to be said his stuff is amazing and cant wait to hear a whole album – i dig this more than stuff like Four Tet and a lot of other raved about stuff on the same line from early warp stuff like Autechre to Daedelus – i can latch onto this better for some reason. I think cos its got a good jacking groove running through it even though its quite glitchey which is not really my thing

The art and videos are understated and tap into my love for all things psychedelia and consciousness expanding although the man/bear/panda himself does not advocate drug usage and neither do I. Though a little experimentation with the right setting and music with a healthy mind can do wonders for the development of a person. however with the wrong setting or fragile mind it can be a Nightmare Just be careful – think about Syd Barrett being probably the most famous casualty when you think he was being spiked on a daily basis by his flat mates as well as dosing on top then you can understand how this led to the further deterioration of his already fragile state
Speaking of spiking
Listen to John Lennon describing his first trip , hilarious and enlightening you can hear good old misunderstood ,berated ground breaking and great collaborator Yoko giggling in the background when john tells the interviewer that the first time he did acid was when George’s Dentist spiked him its interesting to hear John explain that Paul never really got into acid and was outside of the group mind
He goes a little into how he rebuilt himself after losing it on acid after following the Timothy Leary espousal of tearing down the ego and how he did break down and with Yoko rebuilt himself and got gobby again and started standing up to McCartney and his Tin Pany Alley Ditty Making. Much is made of the period of the fall out but this sound clip is a candid glimpse

You can get pretty high just by breathing deeply and focusing on something just ask david lynch but if you are a yoot and lazy you’ll probably be experimenting with the Blotters or Microdots. just to come on all groovy preachy uncle ( i used to work in social care and the patronizing streak still courses through me)
This amazing video for Back Home and the brilliant music the whole thing reminds me of an amazing time with good friends listening to crazy jazz from Chris Bowden The Time Capsule Album which came out on Soul Jazz in the mid 90s mmm we were relishing Dr Hoffmans lil bicycle blotters and had been for a big trip round Alum Chine , Alum Chine, Alum Chine – Underworld of course went to Alum Chine and were inspired to chant that in Dark and Long we listened to all of Dubnobasswithmyheadman on that beautiful summer evening in 96 and also Spice Lab Oliver Liebs ambient techno on the well to me mysterious and brilliant HARTHOUSE label out of Frankfurt
and rounding off the Gold Panda vid reminds me a bit of the classic film Koyaanisqatsi here you can hear the REZ/COWGIRL set to a part of that amazing film
and theres the same hypnotic and beautiful lushness that’s in Underworld and Nathan Fake and I think that is what marks Gold Panda out as a visionary and deserved of great success go buy the full panda range here


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