Rarely will I post bands that look so glossy or finished and ready for the big time basically those that have the POP coursing through their veins . I’m more interested in the slightly fraggley , noisy and unprofessional or bands that have definitely done an E and thrown shapes to records on Noom , Basic Channel or Nuphonic and other classic 90s dance labels ( ooh straying into an obsessive streak here that’s for another post !)

Though for Black Soul Strangers I want to make an exception. They played Campari Safari @ The Barfly back in July 09 and blew the other bands away. Both in sound and look basically they were ready to get big and damage some hearts . Influenced by Joy Division, Interpol and Death Cab For Cutie and a touch of German prog in their jarring synths and spiraling moogs. If you liked the XX but missed some crunchy guitars and impassioned lyrics then this could be the band for you with the chiming guitars and sometimes sparse but brilliant productions courtesy of Producer Tom McFall ( Bloc Party and R.E.M amongst others).

They may draw comparisons to White Lies but whereas those West London tykes probably never wanted for nothing as wee babers and musically and lyrically lay it on a little too thick for my liking -I just think that White Lies sound false, overwrought and a bit too poshanyway I digress Black Soul Strangers had it proper tough growing up in a part of Dublin that the tourist guides don’t mention and the hurt in Barry’s voice sounds genuine as opposed to White Lies faux anguish

‘Most of these songs were written whilst growing up in a run-down area of west Dublin, where I watched the people I grew up with, fade away into drugs or alcohol. It was during this time that my father suddenly passed away.
This was when the idea of slowly crafting songs went out the window, and everything just poured out of me.’
(Barry Gorey on ‘The Haunting’)

here you can get The Haunting
you should go buy their last single Lies on Squeek Records which is available here

The band will be playing Campari Safari @ Barfly sometime in Feb or March details to be pinned down but book them or feature them thru


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